Streets Health and Bell Tower

By: L.N.A.

Calles Salud y Campanario


There are two streets in Havana whose names are closely linked to each other: Campanario and Salud. The stories of both are linked to the local Catholic Church.
The street Salud bears its name thanks to the old hermitage of the Lord of Health, erected at the request and develo of a devout brown named Miguel de Rodas. In 1742 he received the title of Most Holy Christ of Health, with parish status. It was on the corner that formed an old royal road with Manrique Street. The population of the rooms in the area began to be named the Royal Way of the Lord of Health or simply the Way of Health by the church.
On the block where today is the shoe store El Cadete, on the corner of the road of Monte and Eagle Street, a hermitage dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe was erected in 1716. Bishop Lazo de la Vega rebuilt it in 1742 as a masonry, had the rank of auxiliary. By determination of the military engineer Agustín Crámer was demolished, as it hindered the defense of the city through that area. In return, it was re-erected in lands that were located right at the bottom of the church of the Most Holy Christ of Health. The street that passed through his forehead was renamed “the Bell Tower”. James de la Pezuela said: “It was formerly one of the best streets of outside the walls when few buildings were still counted.” Bishop Espada did not like the arrangement of these churches, one was with his back to the other, and arranged in 1814 that a single temple be built from both. This was completed in 1815 and its facade was definitively ready in 1838. He devoted himself to the advocation of the Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe.
According to Emilio Roig, in 1916 Campanario Street was renamed General Aranguren, as the patriot was born there. Due to the protests of the population, bell tower was restored. The streets still retain their original names and as heiress to both churches, the popular Minor Basilica of Our Lady of Charity is located. Ω

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