Word New, magazine of the Archdiocese of Havana, was founded in April 1992, Year of the V Centenary of Evangelization, in response to the complaint of the Holy Father Juan Pablo II to promote, in Cuban reality, a “new evangelization”: new in its arddo, new in its methods and new in its expression. Our recipient first is the Catholics of Havana.

Without access to the mass media existing today in Cuba (state-owned), the Church understood the need to develop its own modest and lesser-kept written means, but capable of maintaining dialogue and communication with the Catholic faithful. Knowing that faith does not isolate us from the world, and that everything that happens in society is of ecclesial interest, from the beginning our magazine has been attentive and open to all the topics that interest Catholics today: economics, culture, sport, social sciences…, not forgetting religion.

The International Catholic Press Union (UCIP), during the World Congress held at UNESCO headquarters in Paris in 1998, awarded Word New the Gold Medal, the most important prize of that international organization (www.ucip.ch). A representation of our magazine, headed by Cardinal Jaime Ortega, Archbishop of Havana (who was in charge of the acceptance speech), came to receive the Prize. The print edition is eleven issues per year. The digital edition began in February 2005.

The New Word team

Founder: Orlando Marquez Hidalgo

Adviser: P. Ariel Suárez Jáuregui.

Editor-in-chief: Mr. Yarelis Rico Hernández

Drafting Board:

Brother Jesus Major Bayo, FMS

Antonio López Sánchez

Daniel Céspedes Góngora

Editor’s Assistant: Yunayki Zayas

Design: DI. Ivan Batista Cadalzo

Correction: Esther Acosta.

Webmaster: Ing. Daniel Estévez González.

A large group of collaborators enriches our publication with their work.

Prizes received:

* International Award for Journalistic Excellence, UCIP 2004.

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