Sport, money and stories of the present time

The stories that revolve around contracts and comparisons between athletes are not the only trivia that feed this era where anyone publishes a comment or supposed news. The professional and private lives of sports celebrities are constantly exposed in the media. It is an omnivorous narrative, it feeds on everything. A lot of stars have to deal with that ambient noise. One imagines that just as Odysseus covered his ears so as not to listen to the sirens, so do they. And they always have their millions of consolation to forget the madding crowd outside the stadiums. […]

Granma gana la Serie Nacional 60 de la pelota cubana

Granma wins The Cuban National Series 60

The low level of baseball seen in the National Series leaves very little hope for qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics. Except for a miracle, Cuban baseball will not be represented in this world cup; nor in paris 2024, because this sport will not participate there. Maybe in Los Angeles 2028, but it’s a long time away. For now, there are many things to solve in the Cuban league and its structures. They need a total renovation. […]

Leñadores, cocodrilos, y el pantano

Lumberjacks, crocodiles, and the swamp

Ojalá y la final de la Serie Nacional número 60 de la pelota cubana, entre Matanzas y Granma, tenga más brillo que lo visto hasta ahora en la postemporada. Desafortunadamente el equipo de Los Cocodrilos no podrá contar para el primer juego con su máxima figura. Yadir Drake, expulsado por la trifulca del último desafío contra Las Tunas, originada por la actitud antideportiva de un jugador tunero, un espectáculo lamentable, absurdo, que nunca debió ocurrir. […]


The boiling ball

Our sports section returns, and in it… The ball is still at stake. For various reasons, many are concerned about the overall quality of today’s baseball. In the opinion of our articleist, it is in pitching that the biggest shortcomings seem to be, “at least, he says, is what is reflected in the National Series”. But there’s another indicator pointing in that direction. There is not a single Cuban pitcher right now that stands out in major leagues, except for the closeers Aroldis Chapman and Raysel Iglesias, who belong to a generational group that emigrated a few years ago. […]


As I think of the Pessoa River

A denunciation of the forgetfulness and careless volunteers that almost every Cuban could talk about, season this text which is the lament of a local for a lost baseball stadium in Ceiba del Agua, but which may be the story of anyone who loves the land where he was born. […]