Capilla de la extinta Universidad de Santo Tomás de Villanueva, en el municipio de Playa

Artist in rescue project

After being expropriated by the Cuban government, the chapel of the University of Villa Nueva was returned to the Catholic Church in 2009. Complicated construction and restoration works have been undertaken since then to give new life to the abused property, mercilessly destroyed by the hand of man and the inclemency of nature for more than half a century. Rael Rodríguez Capote, visual artist, appreciates the invitation to be part of this work. His task consists of restoring the Italian-style arches and making two mosaics: one of the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre and the other of the Lebanese saint San Charbel. He also assumes the restoration of a Cross and a 1.60 meter high Christ, the high and eternal priest. The dream was to inaugurate the church in July 2020, but the ravages of the covid prevented the realization of what will undoubtedly be “a gift for all Catholics and for the necessary spirituality of the Cuban nation.” […]

Eliseo Diego

A big hug of memory

This year, just before this July 2, the date on which we celebrate a new anniversary of the birth of Eliseo Diego, the extensive volume In the shelter of time that devastates me has come out on Sapienza Università Editrice. Eliseo Diego on his centenary (1920-1994), an edition by Mayerín Bello and Stefano Tedeschi. From what is inferred, it is a book that should have come out in 2020, but it is now that it becomes an editorial “event”, since it appears as an important endeavor to study the work of Eliseo Diego. It is now the occasion to appreciate nearby firms; familiar, retouched and other more recent writings that return to the poetry, narrative and essays of this great writer. Twelve texts that achieve a very appreciable harmonic sum in dispositions and judgments. […]


Bright, bad and a little bit crazy

It is not strange that Cruella de Vil has her movie. The great evil of The 101 Dalmatians (Dodie Smith, 1956) – later popularized by Disney in 1961 – has enough appeal to suppose him and create a before and after on the big screen. Especially a before, a “how her story began.” […]


These lines and their mitigating

From its first pages, El camino a casa (Selvi Ediciones, 2020), by Caridad Atencio, we are presented with a search for confirmation. It is not the random journey, the improvisation that confuses itself, seeking constant amazement at world events, it is fluctuating between present and past, cultural weight and continuing to experience day to day until finding more moderate territories or , perhaps, with other incentives. […]


Biblical implications of the expression “seven times” in the poem “The sterile seed” by José Zacarías Tallet

In the Bible, the number seven has a special value. It is usually associated with the idea of fullness, perfection, completeness, completeness … and therefore, closely linked to the theological sphere and to the vision of divine nature. In the present text, this sense is displayed in the reading of the poem “The sterile seed”, by José Zacarías Tallet. […]


Course explosion

By writing Lyrical Diary (Selvi Ediciones, 2020), Roberto Manzano discovers his desire to share a spiritual thought about the world. However, the generalization leads us to want to know the privacy of the author. In fact, would it be convenient to define a world that, beyond spatial-temporal experiences, represents a reality expanded by imagination and dreams from the poet’s experience? Why does Manzano write this diary? […]


After another place in the sun

Jerome, also known as Vikar, is a twenty-something architecture student obsessed with movies and with serious problems to socially relate to reality beyond the cinema. In the film “Zeroville”, James Franco returns to direct himself, and he succeeds so effectively that someone else seems to have the last word. […]


A new beginning

The interlocutor in Minari is both the Korean family that wants to placate itself in American soil and culture and the characters (people, climate, landscape…) with which he interacts in a story about family survival and cultural identity. […]


The presence that lifts

With six Oscar nominations, “The Father”, (Florian Zeller, 2020), win in the section that is or leaves without any prize of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, it will remain one of those unforgettable dramas, however hard and beautiful, where existential twilight is accompanied with great desire by love. With excellent performances, the film insists on the necessary presence of the children or one of them in the house, as a consolation for parents who have already aged. It is then worth thinking of the elders who are isolated or abandoned by their nearest beings. According to Pope Francis, this gesture, in addition to mutilating and impoverishing the family, “deprives young people of that necessary contact with their roots and with a wisdom that youth alone cannot attain”. […]