A new Cuba has awakened

In Cuba, the circumstances that hinder the full exercise of human rights have become clear, since they restrict their own and public freedoms, and without the free exercise of these, what freedom can be discussed? Obviously there are many things in our society that must be provoked, but in a profitable way, to highlight their flaws without undermining the fundamental and necessary values without which full human fulfillment is absurd. The first step has been taken, and a new Cuba has awakened. We must pray insistently so that arms are laid down, so that never again will a Cuban raise his hand against another Cuban, so that this freedom that made an entire island vibrate is a reality, and then we can build a nation with opportunities for all. […]


Tell the truth

Any human being needs a town, even if only to leave it, because a town means not to be alone, to know that in the people, in the plants, in that land where you were born one day there is something of yours, that even when you are not is there, waiting for you. […]


Virtual grandchildren and lonely grandparents

When conversing with mutual friends, former classmates found by chance, most have the same common dominator: son outside the country, grandchildren born overseas. The main cause is easy to find: the emigration of young people in search of better opportunities. The self-imposed exile in search of economic improvements has led to the division of families, the loneliness of parents and the fact of depriving them of the company and affection of their grandchildren. […]


Verbs and vestments: to stay (II)

Staying in Cuba, in addition to day-to-day efforts, also generates spiritual consequences. In a rapidly aging population, more and more households are experiencing the so-called empty nest syndrome. Parents and grandparents, whose ages do not allow them to go to fight and work in other skies, stay here, with some of the children, or with none, because the young people leave. The empty family chairs every Sunday, not infrequently hurt more than any material lack. In some text, the writer Leonardo Padura said that our country suffered from a permanent exceptionality. That state of perennial tension, which with strokes of humor and irony we try to forget and navigate, seems at times never to abandon us. The desire that, sometime, normality, calm, some peace finally touch our island doors and settle on the side here of the waters that surround us, is one of those hopes that should not be extinguished. Perhaps like this, leaving or staying to live in this beautiful land, would not be extraordinary decisions or designated as a solution to many needs of all kinds. […]


Brushstrokes of disappointment

The reading of this text by Dr. Rolando Naranjo, neurologist and anthropologist, on the loss of illusion is simple and timely. The specialist assures that “nothing is absolutely guaranteed in society, everything requires courage, sometimes daring”. […]

Sandra Ramos Lorenzo (La Habana, 1969). “La maldita circunstancia del agua por todas partes”, 1993. Calcografía sobre papel; 682 x 988 mm. Arte Contemporáneo (1979-1996). Colección Arte Cubano.

Verbs and vestments: to leave (I)

Perhaps in our country, as perhaps in few places in the world, the choice to move to another place, or to stay there, has had multiple and complicated connotations, especially in the last six decades. A universal, natural process, such as that of emigration, in Cuba has been, at times, the same silenced or rarefied as even sought or celebrated. Some time, some hope, some horizon, should come closer from time to time and convince us that one day, perhaps the comings will become less necessary, or perhaps, less painful and definitive. Who knows, maybe, by then, maybe even all the comebacks will be more possible. […]

La Habana, mayo 2021

Change life

From an ethical approach, Professor Teresa Díaz Canals warns us of the danger of perceiving the human from the representation configured in a discourse. “The human, if it is human, must also express the failure of all representation. If the human is translated into a mere concept, it becomes a mechanism of exclusion, of violence, of inhumanity. There are no unique ways to live, to exist. It is about society being appropriate to the person, their appropriate space and not their place of torment. ” […]

Diseño: Iván Batista

Well, without looking at who

It is sad, but undeniable, that difficult times bring out the worst qualities of many human beings. Both people and nations exacerbate their selfishness for the sake of survival or sometimes in the worst manifestations, they do so for the cruder and most crazy self-benefit, no matter what or who may be harmed in the process. On the other hand, fortunately, there are those who then tree the best of values and decide to give of themselves for others. […]