I’m from Havana

Havana turns five hundred years old and the obvious reason ignites the engine of words and there we go to the remembrance ,invite Antonio López-, with some counting, and even the future, to add in the stew. […]


Havana from its symbols

The Cathedral and its square, the Templete, the Plaza de Armas, the Plaza Vieja, the Plaza de San Francisco, the Plaza del Cristo, the Alameda de Paula, and other iconic places of the city constitute the pillars of the identity of the capital of Cuba. […]


As I think of the Pessoa River

A denunciation of the forgetfulness and careless volunteers that almost every Cuban could talk about, season this text which is the lament of a local for a lost baseball stadium in Ceiba del Agua, but which may be the story of anyone who loves the land where he was born. […]


Health service

Reflections on the documentary The year in which there was no year, by the filmmaker, Fernando Almeida, who invites us to understand the extent to which the application, as a law, of compulsory military service in Cuba is feasible. […]