Church woman by the grace of God

Reflection on the role of women in today’s Cuban Catholic Church. The text addresses their presence and generous service as catechists, missionaries, animators of the liturgy and communities, visitors of the sick, volunteers of Caritas or prison pastoral care, extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist, communicators, teachers in the centers of formation of the Church, as caregivers of the elderly and sick in asylums… finally, her active participation in the various pastoral cares developed by the Church in Cuba. […]


A letter to Edith Stein

In a letter addressed to Edith Stein, Teresa Benedicta de la Cruz (1891-1942), St Carmelite barefoot, co-host of Europe, together with St Catherine of Siena and St Brigid of Sweden, a tribute is paid to this woman and others who, like her, demonstrated with her life the intellectual capacities of women in a society where they were underestimated for their feminine status. […]


“There is no salvation without the woman”

Pope Francis presided on Wednesday 1st. January 2020, in the Basilica of St. Peter of the Vatican, the Mass of the Solemnity of St Mary The Mother of God, on the eighth of Christmas when the Church celebrated World Day of Peace, which this year was developed under the theme “Peace as a path of hope: dialogue, reconciliation and ecological conversion”. […]


The dignity of women and their dignification

The text sets out, from Christian revelation and doctrine, the foundation on which understanding of the theme of women is based, what Sacred Scripture and the Tradition of the Church tells us with its Magisterium on the dignity of women and on what it is based for greater and better dignification. It also addresses the enormous relevance of the female presence in the Church’s evangelizing work. […]


A pandemic transits the orb (8)

#PalabraNueva extends this new #pandemia map to all Nordic countries.
Their low population density is favored by their privileged global position in indicators such as education, economics, quality of life, civil rights, competitiveness and human development. […]

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Havana caritas in Covid’s time

At a difficult time for the world because of the spread of Covid-19, the Church’s charitable mission does not stop. In the Archdiocese of Havana, services continue to be provided to people in need, especially older adults, thanks to the volunteers of Caritas, who are considered “the heart and arms of this Catholic institution”. To learn more about the work of Caritas Habana in the midst of this health emergency, Palabra Nueva spoke with its director, Migdalia Dopico Paz. […]