The difficult art of being a statue

In this interview with Antonio Ramón Ojeda Pozo, who introduced living statues in Cuba and has been the trainer of many of his interpreters, recounts the initial development of this new art in our country, its characteristics and requirements, technical aspects of this profession, in addition to its difficulties and realizations, which allows to develop in the reader a certain critical eye in the face of this new artistic manifestation. […]


From preschool to life

The text makes a timely call for parents who underestimate the value of early grades of education in their children and do not give importance to unwarranted absences, without realizing how harmful these lacks of discipline are to the child, not just because they become part of their way of acting and will be repeated in the future , but because attendance in these grades ensures the development of certain skills and knowledge that the child must acquire day by day in order to perform the tasks expected of him and reach the necessary mastery at the end of the course. […]


Contest: “The Green House”

The parish project “La Casa Verde” arises from the need of children and adolescents in the community of El Cobre to enhance their artistic skills, based and on the basis of the care and protection of the environment, the main work of the creation of our God. […]


Shirley, a woman with full drawers

Interview with Shirley Núñez Guilleuma, national coordinator of Caritas’ largest program: that of the elderly. The text leads us to meditate on human issues as important as family and society; her day-to-day life as a Christian dedicated to her faith, to her complex work as a professional and to the family made up of her husband, three children and a little granddy; on what basis his family has been founded, what has been the dynamics they have been building, how values training and the education of children has worked, what has been the relationship between Christian family and society… […]


Grow and free yourself

The text shows the work done in Cuba by the Slave Adoratric Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament and Charity, which seeks to approach women affected by various forms of slavery, especially prostitution. With great international experience, the sisters of this religious institute welcome young people exposed to this reality and, from various actions of accompaniment and formation, help them to remake their lives, to see themselves differently, to discover their own potentials and develop them to change their lives, in short, to grow and liberate themselves. […]


The hope placed on women

A female religious community is committed to the care of life and promotes in the diocese of Camaguey the Esperanza Project, an interesting initiative that accompanies pregnant women not to opt for abortion. Her message emphasizes the gift of motherhood. […]