Cubans, cinema and the year they’re leaving

Despite the pain from the losses caused by covid, 2020 was an opportunity for the young Catholic writer, Xavier Carbonell, to cultivate himself. Beyond his own experience, he considers that during this time of pandemic, joints and ordering? many Cubans have opted for rereadings of retired books, magazines and films. “Despite everything, we’re still willing to hit all the balls on the room, officially certified for the next five years,” he says. […]


Walking together

We share with the readers of Palabra Nueva this text by Jorge Fernández Era, who this time writes about the need that we all have to feel accompanied and accompany at the same time the family member, the friend, the neighbor door with door or the acquaintance of the corner. “That’s what it’s all about: we have to go with each other. There’s no other left.” […]


From the book and its prices, from the authors and utopias in the pandemic from various personal experiences

As for many, 2020 was a years agond for Daniel Céspedes Góngora. However, from him he was able to experience, as never before, being an author. His nonconformity in the face of the world situation felt from our country, motivated him to write with will: he prepared an anthology about María Zambrano (Maria Zambrano at the Universidad del Aire, 2020); he wrote a new prologue for the Cuban edition of The Golden Weather for the Nile. Another reading by José Lezama Lima, by Roberto Méndez and, by adventure, Alberto Garrandés, summoned him to write the words of cover of his recent volume Un owl perplejo (essays on cinema). Previously, this young writer, a regular collaborator of Palabra Nueva, won the Eliseo Diego Prize in the nonfiction category, which ensures that it is first published in Cuba. […]