The invitation is to walk with Jesus

By: Yarelis Rico Hernández

With the reading of the Gospel according to Matthew, chapter 14, verses 22 to 33, the Cardinal and Archbishop of Havana invited the faithful, especially the Catholic families, to continue sailing on the boat that is the Church and to preserve peace and tranquility, even in the midst of the storm.

He placed in the hands of the Virgin Mary all the members of the families in difficulty, so that he may carry them and present them to God for their peace, healing and tranquility. In this way, he said, “we can overcome the difficulties together.”

He recalled that from the beginning of Christianity, the Church sails in the opposite wind, shaken by the gnagation of evil, but continues to sail. “Jesus walks on the water next to the Church’s boat,” he said. However, he stated, “sometimes the Church sees the waves more and feels the opposite wind more.” As an antidote, he invited the faithful to walk on the waters with Jesus, for with the trust placed in Him, good overcomes evil; forgiveness of vengeance; generosity to selfishness; the truth to the lie.

On the celebration of Holy Mass, the Bishop stressed that its importance is such that it should seem to us little of the time we spend on him. “Full of Mass, filled with the Word of God and the Eucharist, we walk on the water and overcome all the seas.”

The Archbishop of Havana assured that today our family’s boat sails shook by the wind against love. Faced with this reality he presented Jesus Christ as the best companion on the way, with Him in companionship, he narrowed down, nothing will separate the husbands; nothing, alcohol or other drugs, will harm children and it will be a party to walk next to the older ones.

At the end of their address, he asked the members of each family to share a time to talk about the difficulties that have overcome together and the joy of facing and resolving them in communion, for they make them grow in love.

Next, we fully offer the allocution of the Cardinal and Archbishop of Havana Juan de la Caridad García.

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