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By: Antonio López Sánchez

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In an earlier job, he commented on the importance of small details. In particular, they take on vital hierarchy when they round (or ground) the finish of some good work. Now, with new arguments on this very subject, we return to the ring.
As we know, hospital services in Cuba, with their irrefutable achievements and magnas and shortcomings, are a nerve point of state efforts. Large resources are intended to sustain the best possible of the operation of these items. It is worth saying that, as in many other terrains, there are contrasts that sometimes touch the paradoxical. On the one hand, we live in a country capable of doing an open-heart operation or the most complex of organ transplants without charging a penny. On the other hand, we find dirty rooms, bathrooms without conditions or the eternized lack of any medication or implement, just to name a few evils. However, such pitfalls may have more or less direct solutions, born of the emergence of the necessary money or of greater demand or delivery. However, when the failure originates in the human factor, the biggest concerns arise there.
A close friend just passed the hard trance of an income to his mother. In an important hospital in the city, the lady had the best possible care. As part of the protocol of the stay, my friend received a pass that credited him as a companion for the sick woman. It is necessary to state that the hospital has more than one access and that it covers a fairly large area in its facilities. This means that between doors there can easily be up to seven hundred or a thousand meters away. Just as her mother was discharged while managing a transport to return her home, she suffered the incident that temporarily deflighted all the good work of the institution.
After his last bad night (everyone who has accompanied a sick man knows how bad those hours fall asleep, in an armchair, slope of the pessing, of medications, serums, anyway), and as early as mid-morning, he needed to leave the hospital for a moment. What would not be his surprise to discover that the companion who guarded that day one of the secondary departures, kept closed access, not to lime and singing, but to padlock and fence, on the grounds that this route was only for the local workers.
My friend showed his pass, argued that he had entered and left countless times in those days, but it was in vain. As a morbid reward for her tiny power, or satisfied with the practice of some sadistic entertainment, the custodian spent all morning with a long row of passing irish on either side of the gate, who saw frustrated her intention to enter or leave, with the aggravating then taking on a huge walk to access or withdraw from the health center.
In addition to a stupid stubbornness in fulfilling some sacrosanct orientation, or with you going to know how twisted and bigoted design of your concept of duty or work content, the incident hurts from the illogical and even inhumane detail. How do you argue that entry to a hospital, any entrance, is veted for companions or, above all, for the sick? Because while it is true that certain safety and behavioural standards must be met in a hospital institution, with obvious restrictions on access, such measures cannot be taken to the extreme.
If these restrictions were truly met rigorously and owed, I would not see one to so many vendors of snacks, soft drinks, breads and jams, at all hours, until night, and not only in inquiries, but even in the rooms of the enterees. They are going to seek their lives, illegally or not, but not to plant bombs or poison patients; now, the one who puts bombs or poisons could go in the same way, like Peter for his hospital. Such matters are not resolved with morning stubbornness once a week.
How does reasoning with the small great power of those who hold the keys of the hospitable sky and without using a drop of brain argue to follow orders, however absurd, or however absurd the way he interprets them? What logic should be opposed to stupidity and a blessed right humpback, not by justice, but by the sambenito of orientation? Such details, small powers but which cause great discomfort, are a bale that shines, destroys any good work that has been done from the door inside, especially in a sector as sensitive as that of health, because no one goes partying to a hospital.
Another detail, somehow related to health, but in other areas, has also aroused the thoughtful gaze of this journalist. Recently, in the midst of euphoria for Havana’s 500 years, curious decals appeared in some garbage depots. The stickers urge the disposal of waste at certain times and argue about the importance and well-being that derives from a clean city. I may be labeled an extremist, but it seems to me that such an act turns out, we will not say a mockery not to offend the good intentions of the one who devised it, but a great dislate.
Are we talking about times to get waste out of the home, when sometimes days go by without the collection containers being picked up by trucks from the communal service? Let the first stone be thrown that lives in a neighborhood where the cans do not pass up to a week or more overflowing with detritus. Moreover, in such cases (and I am sure to repeat myself in this idea, it must be age) one cannot stop thinking about the money that was spent on designing, printing, distributing and sticking the decals of a message that is no longer ineffective, but even affect the intelligence and daily life of capitalists.
As is the case on other occasions, such misdogs end up being the generator of jacks, digital memes or discredits diverse to the intentions and actions of the State. In the end, the money destined to perhaps carry out some well-needed idea or, hopefully not, to meet some enthusiastic and absurd orientation, is lost. These resources, which are so necessary today in so many things, were then invested without achieving any ideological, educational or behavioral fruit, because simple reality throws it over. The only consolation we have left is the fact that the containers, as long as they don’t overflow with garbage, actually look prettier with the colorful stickers.
By the way, there’s another side of this coin. Anyone who has repaired the matter will notice that there is a fulfilled state interest in the periodic replacement of trash containers. As these lines are written there are some new ones, with powerful screws that attach the lid to the body. Sadly, we have already seen some where such screws have been replaced by wires. Even more reprehensible is the fact that some irresponsible or malicious vandalos throw lit butts into the containers, with the consequent fire of the garbage and the noticeable deterioration or total destruction of the plastic. There are few times when the container is completely melted and useless.
There’s little to say about throwing a lit butt in a dumpster. Nothing justifies or without it. It’s foolishness or intentional misconduct. From the theft of the screws, then, we rain on wet. In such cases, there is no need to justify theft. It’s not a piece of bread that steals a hungry man. Have we become so disrespectful to others that we are already unable to respect state ownership, even if it serves us all? Where did sixty years of free school education go? There is no social system, religion or philosophy that undercies theft. In capitalism, socialism, Islam or Buddhism, no one should take what does not belong to him and deserves punishment.
Civilization rests on education and humanism, yes, but also on punitive laws and actions. I hope we do not have to return to the barbaric customs of the terrible feudal lords, where the robbery ended up in severed hands. Although, perhaps it’s good to at least rescue one of those epic Game of Thrones serials from one of those medieval scars. Who knows if a television spot, or decals, describing sharp alpha-sharp, incisive spades or condemned ones thrown at the Lions of the Colosseum or Nile crocodiles, take effect. Perhaps this way thieves, obtuse custodians and enthusiastic dictators of absurd orientations will call themselves to order, take more care of the details, and less misunderstood us, their neighbours. Ω

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