Cardinal Jaime Ortega Foundation presented

Por: Yarelis Rico Hernández

Presentación de la Fundación Cardenal Jaime Ortega

The Aula Magna of the Padre Félix Varela Cultural Center, belonging to the Archbishopric of Havana, hosted on Wednesday, January 29, the official presentation of the Jaime Ortega Foundation, an organization that seeks to promote young Cubans, through professional experiences and Christian-inspired humanistic training.

The Foundation, whose main actions are carried out in the Padre Félix Varela Cultural Center and the San Juan Pablo II Institute of Bioethics, wants to serve that vocation of universality that gives Cuba its location at the entrance of the Gulf of Mexico. From this also Catholic inspiration, the desire of the late Cuban prelated that the Church be a bridge to dialogue and collaboration between people and institutions of various religious, ideological expressions, etc. was born.

At the start of the meeting, Cardinal Juan de la Caridad García, Archbishop of Havana, invited a collective prayer for whoever was his predecessor in the archdiocesan seat, of whom he said, “dreamed for this house and its Foundation the wisdom of God”, which teaches, as José Martí felt, “that the only way to be happy, is to be good”.

As a preamble, attendees enjoyed an audiovisual proposal that showed the figure and mission of Cardinal Jaime Ortega and highlighted his imronta in the Cuban Church and society.

Presbítero Yosvany Carvajal, presidente ejecutivo de la Fundación Jaime Ortega
Presbítero Yosvany Carvajal, presidente ejecutivo de la Fundación Jaime Ortega

In accordance with the statement made by some of the main architects of the Foundation, who offered a vision of the work they lead, Cardinal Jaime Ortega, aware of the importance of education and culture for the development of the person and peoples, dreamed of this organization to incentivize educational, cultural and exchange options, in which he bets on academic excellence and the cultivation of friendship and respect.

Today this desire materializes at the Institute of Ecclesiastical Studies Father Felix Varela, where among other initiatives, it is offered to young people, believers or not, a Baccalaureate and a Bachelor of Humanities, which gives them a philosophical, theological and humanistic formation. Likewise, in the area of religious, social and economic research, and since the emergence of the CubaEmprende Project in 2012, the Cultural Center has created a chair of business accompaniment for those who wish to establish the most diverse types of companies.

On the other hand, the John Paul II Institute of Bioethics, whose existence dates back to the nineties of the last century, teaches, in collaboration with the Catholic University of Valencia, diploma and master’s courses. To them, the institution adds the School of Thought and Creativity, which aspires to be a seed of formation in human virtues, where people can be promoted to be good citizens, parents and professionals.

With the presentation of each of the actions contemplated by the Cardinal Jaime Ortega Foundation, its managers sought the collaboration of kind people to together continue to promote the passion for Truth and Hope.

Cardinal Juan de la Caridad García, Archbishop of Havana and Honorary President of the Cardinal Jaime Ortega Foundation participated in the ceremony; Monsignor Geiampiero Gloder, Apostolic Nuncio in Cuba; Father Yosvany Carvajal, executive chairman of the Foundation; Mr. Felipe González, his secretary, as well as other employers and collaborators, who had the possibility to dialogue with friends of the cardinal and a representation of diplomatic staff and managers of accredited foreign companies on the island.

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