They hold inculturation workshop in the house of spirituality and coexistences Santa M. Mazzarello de Peñalver-Guanabacoa

Por Hno. Héctor

Asistentes al Taller de inculturación

CONCUR organized the 2018 Inculturation Workshop in the house of spirituality and coexistences Santa M. Mazzarello de Peñalver-Guanabacoa from 14 to 18 May.

The objective of the Workshop was to offer religious recently arrived in Cuba a space where they can share information, testimonies, experiences, that would make it easier for them to initiate or strengthen their process of gradual inculturation in the country and in the church, in order to promote the experience of their religious consecration and their evangelizing work.

This space involved 45 people from 20 countries: Slovakia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Holland, Colombia, Mexico, Congo, Cameroon, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Philippines, Guatemala, Peru, Venezuela, Paraguay and El Salvador.

The experience took place in a simple and fraternal environment where participants were able to share their personal history, delve into Cuban history and church, learn more about the Church in Cuba today, its challenges and orientations for pastoral care. They delved into some hints of inculturation in popular religiosity and Consecrated Life in Cuba.

We took advantage of this space to thank all the facilitators and people who shared their testimony of life with us.

We thank the Lord of Life and History for the new missionaries who come together as they walk from the Cuban church and people. Where the proclamation of the Gospel message is done with patience and creativity. Where the witness of committed life lived from serene trust in God encourages us every day. Where the lifestyle close to the people is manifested by numerous anonymous gestures of solidarity. Where the sustained commitment to dialogue and reconciliation within a society becomes apparent every day. Where the determined commitment to build bridges and social friendships grows the networks of the Kingdom. Where the renewed effort to cultivate a solid spirituality from the little, small and the germinal is vital in our Cuban consecrated life to quickly leave the encounter of life. Where we feel called by a communion church built between achievements and stumbles thanks to the joint commitment of bishops-pastors, priests-servants, religious-witnesses, and lay salt.

Welcome to walk as a consecrated life in Cuba that looks at the past with gratitude, lives the present with passion and embraces the future with hope!

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