By: Jorge Fernández Era

Read the paper and run jubilantly to the box office.
–Miss: is it true that the railway is obliged to compensate the passenger for one percent of the ticket ranging from five to thirty-five depending on the delay time, either on departure or on arrival?
–And that the customer can claim up to fifteen days after the trip?
–Miss: and won’t it come down when the air conditioner breaks?
–And when the wagons are stinking, with butts, papers and even mud on the floor?
–And when there is no water to drink, not even lukewarm?
–And when there is nothing to eat, or is there, but with hecathombiic trifulces?
–And when the ferromozas show us the same face that you are putting on me now?
–And… why?
–What do you want, my boy? Travel for free? Ω

Una exquisita crónica costumbrista, que narra lo que a cualquier cubano puede suceder si hace uso de los servicios ferroviarios.

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