Covid’s Dreams

Por: Redacción Palabra Nueva

Distanciamiento físico una utopía en las colas.

Since the covid-19 report of the first cases of contagion in Cuba, the State and public health authorities called for maintaining social estating and staying at home. Without a doubt, that is the medicine that has proven the most effective, but unfortunately it has also been, among all measures, the most violated. The range of causes is very varied; and while the first of its folds is based on the need for people to go out and look for daily food (extremely scarce) and try to solve necessities (insufficient or absent from the market), an important weight is the great citizen indiscipline.

With the following photoreporting, we stop at the reality of the streets and public places of the Cuban capital, where in recent times individuals have been seen wandering for countless reasons, mentally ill, alcoholic and irresponsible “fighters”. Somehow, these images want to raise awareness of hearts, draw attention to that population sector that almost always camps in some capital parks and surrender to Morpheus’s arms waiting, perhaps, for a friendly hand.

One question still accompanies us: Why are we still in pandemic? Today many question the decision to move Havana to phase one, when active events and events continue to be reported. That is why other ideas in this photographic series are to show, with images and in a synthesized way, one of the main reasons for today’s habanera reality: the abandonment of physical isolation and, above all, citizen irresponsibility. We are experiencing decisive moments in the control of the pandemic, public health actions are not enough, it is necessary, for the sake of all, to contribute our greatest effort. That should be the biggest reason and concern of our day.

Images of wanderers and mentally ill people


Images of social indiscipline

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