Allocution, XI Sunday in Ordinary Time

By: S.E.R. Cardinal Juan de la Caridad García

Thanks to all who make this radio broadcast possible, today June 13, the eleventh Sunday of ordinary liturgical time and also the feast of Saint Anthony of Padua. Today the Gospel according to Saint Mark is read in all the Catholic churches of the world, chapter 4 verses 26 to 34.


Jesus loved to teach the truth with parables or stories. Someone has said that the shortest distance between man and truth is a story, and that the deepest truth is found with the help of a short and simple story. Young children like to hear stories that carry morals and directions for living decently and honestly.

Today the Gospel has told us about a farmer who sows the seeds with tears and waits patiently for the germination, and when he least expects it he sees the plant, the flowers and the fruits emerge. We have not planted any mango trees and we have eaten thousands of mangoes in different forms. If the patient farmer had not done it, we would not enjoy the wonder of the mango.

When Jesus tells us about sowing the seed, he is referring to the sowing of good, honesty, family harmony, the kingdom of God.

We thank God for so many people who sowed in us Faith, Hope, Charity and countless advice that have led us to happiness. This sowing, our parents, grandparents, relatives, godparents, teachers, priests, nuns, people of good will, did it with testimonies, examples, teachings, fraternal correction, heroic patience.

It is true that sometimes the seed of good has been covered and hidden by forgetfulness, mockery, contempt, ignoring, but the seed is there germinating, you just have to pull out the weeds so that the seed of good can fructify.

Jesus has also told us about the mustard seed, the smallest of seeds. A millimeter of seed in a plant that grows a meter, nothing more, and becomes a large bush and spreads branches so large that birds nest in it. A little teaching can bear abundant fruit, it can transform a bad person into a good one, a thief into an honest one, a father who abandoned his children into a close and good father, a family separated by hatred into a united family. A little teaching works miracles.

God likes to work small. One word from him created the world with such extraordinary dimensions that it cannot even be measured with the speed of light. A sperm fertilized an egg and now we are each one of us. A seed gives trees, five loaves and two fish gave food for five thousand men without counting women and children as the Gospel of Mark has told us, chapter 6 verses 30 to 44. Twelve apostles made the Gospel present in the then known world of the century I. the words of the priest at mass turn the bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ. Jesus Christ is in the small Tabernacle illuminated by a dim light. A prayerful tear from a mother changes a bad son, a thief, a bad head, into a good, honest, helpful son. A slow and patient conversation from a dad straightens the son’s astray, a late-night kiss from a husband and wife disappears the afternoon’s lawsuit. You have to teach calmly: pedagogy, creativity, perseverance, affection. Sow, sow a lot, and your family, neighbors and friends will be very very happy and remember that whoever sows rice, beans and vegetables does so dreaming of a great harvest, because if they are going to sow without hope, they do not. Sow and teach with hope.


Father Manuel Uña Fernández turned 86 on June 10. He tells us of his small greatness:

“Brothers, you are my best congratulations. For 28 years, in San Juan de Letrán, I have been and am very happy. Now I want to share something with you: at this point, when the cycle of my seasons synthesizes and I am completing my career, I realize that life begins every day. I celebrate so much well received, so much well loved and given. I make my own the words of Pablo Neruda: “Very close to my decline, I bless you life, because you never gave me failed hope, unfair work, or undeserved punishment.”

”I remember that in the years 52 and following, in Granada, I was trained to be a preacher friar; In the 1960s, the workers, living with them in Almería, were telling me how they expected the priest to be. At this time, in Havana, I feel the need to learn to walk ‘years up’, without losing the ability to be reborn, in this life and on the other shore.

“Let me have a detail with you today and give you a parable, my parable, that of old age:

“For a few years now a colleague has been with me, who has become inseparable because of his role and meaning. It’s about my cane. It is not just any cane, I wanted it to be made of bamboo. It is a gift from brothers: it was chosen with great taste by my sister and generously paid for by my brother.

– The bamboo inside is empty

– It is resistant, strong, with the ability to grow fast and regenerate

– The higher it grows, the more it leans without breaking, because the roots are its firm foundation

– Bamboo canes do not grow alone, they support each other, they are a symbol of communion.

“This reminds me of one of Rabindranath Tagore’s poems: ‘Here I am sitting at your feet. Let me just make my life straight and simple, like a reed flute, so that you can fill it with music. ”

“But making a reed easily has nothing … Because reeds have to be carved and cut in many openings, so that the air comes out and the music can be heard.

“Today I feel the call to be an empty instrument of myself, like Jesus who became one of many … In Cuba, I have wanted to give the best to everyone, but this people that I love so much has been the one who has given me everything. , he has not been able to give me more: his trust and his affection.

”I have very much in mind the words of Dulce María Loynaz:‘ Only by plunging into the shadow, sucking drop by drop the living juice of the shadow, is it possible to do noble and lasting work upwards. Pleasant is the air, pleasant is the light; but you can’t be all flower …; and whoever does not root the soul dries up. ‘

“Brothers, help me to let me ‘carve’ and live in the shadows. I need to be silent, to be silent to pray with the psalmist: In old age and gray hair do not abandon me, my God, I will sing a new song for You. It is the silence of the 86s, where the instrument is ‘tuned’, because time is running out and time is gained to continue being faithful and happy ”.

Fr. Manuel Uña Fernández, O.P.

On the day of my 86 years.

If you want to congratulate him on his 86 years, for his 62 years of priesthood, his teaching, his greatness and his smallness, you can call 78327329.


A declaration of love with short poetic words from the groom and a “yes” to these sweet words turns into a happy marriage.

Dear husband and wife:

How wonderful that God created them to fall in love, marry, and form a beautiful family! How wonderful to live together during so many years of natural, faithful, fruitful and sacramental marriage! How wonderful to have overcome so many difficulties together, to have suffered illnesses, sorrows, pain and love together in the midst of so many storms has grown! How wonderful to have enjoyed so many joys, parties, celebrations of yours, your children, grandchildren and other family members! How wonderful that today’s love is greater than the love of the declaration in the courtship! How wonderful to love each other today more than yesterday but not as much as tomorrow! How wonderful God’s love for you! How wonderful your love for God, what a wonderful marriage! The blessing of God the Father who created you to love each other, the blessing of Jesus Christ on the way of love, the blessing of the Holy Spirit who can achieve unsuspected dreams, and the company of the Virgin, savior of marriages, descend on you, on your entire family and stay forever. Amen.


A writer who lived in a house near the sea, observed one day a young man who collected starfish in the sand and threw them into his natural habitat.

– Why do you do that? Asked the writer

– Don’t you see? The tide is low and the sun shines very strong, these stars will die if they stay in the sand

Surprised by the response, the writer argued:

-But, friend, there is a kilometer of beach and thousands of starfish, what is the value of what you do? Even if I manage to save some, most of them will die.

The young man, after lovingly picking up a star in the sand and gently throwing it into the waves, replied:

-For this one, what I do has value.

That night the writer could not sleep, at dawn he returned to the beach and looked for the young man. Then the two of them started collecting stars and throwing them into the sea.

Let’s be one of those who want to do something no matter how small it may seem so that the world is better.


Enjoy the little things because maybe one day you will look back and realize that they were the big things. Everyone tries to do something big, not realizing that life is made up of small things. Be faithful in the small things and God will accompany you in the big ones. The rung of a ladder was not made to rest on, but only to support one foot just long enough to pass the other higher. Let’s fight for things big enough for us to care, and small enough for us to win. It is not the roughness of the road that hurts you, but the pebble that you wear in your shoes. Small things don’t seem like anything, but they give peace. Progress is the ability of man to be complex what is simple. Simplicity consists of making the journey through life carrying only the necessary luggage. A river begins in some remote part of the forest, a storm with the murmur of the leaves, a fire with a spark, a wheat field with invisible seeds. Characters must be experienced in small things. When we want to know which way the wind is blowing, we do not throw a stone into the air, but a feather. Human life is made up of small actions that constitute great duties. Three things are good in a small amount and bad in abundance: yeast, salt, doubt. Transport a handful of dirt every day and you will make a mountain. Never has a symphony orchestra played music like the one a two-year-old girl does when she plays with her father.


The blessing for all who live in your house and especially for those who pray together tonight the Lord’s Prayer and the Hail Mary prayer, little prayers that will make love great in our lives. And the blessing of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit descend on all of you, on all the sick who are in the hospitals and at home, and on all the people of good will. Amen.


Here are the words of H.E.R. Cardinal Juan de la Caridad García, Archbishop of Havana.

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