Allocution, Sunday, September 20, 2020

By: S.E.R. Cardinal Juan de la Caridad García Rodríguez

Thank you to all who make this radio broadcast possible today, Sunday, September 20, Sunday, 25th of the liturgical ordinary weather.

This fragment of the gospel according to Matthew, chapter 20, verses 1 through 6, is read in every Catholic church in the world.

God gives everything away. He’s given us nature, life, family. What has each of us done to have life, a dad, a mom? What does each of us do to bring out the sun, so that the seed may become a bush and that the heart is beating? All we do is conserve, care for, grow what God gives us.

To give life, husband and wife put love, life is set by God.

God gives us gifts, to some greater intelligence, to others the arts, to other skills for trades, to other wisdom to work.

We rejoice in the many blessings God gives us and rejoice when we see these gifts in our brethren. We are not envious because what a brother has is joy for all.

Everything we have is received from God.

We present to God all that Is Received from Him and promise to develop Him and make Him grow and put Him at the service of all selflessly.


God has given us the years. Take advantage of them that are a blessing.

Older is the one who’s too old, man, he’s the one who lost his joviality. Age causes cell degeneration; old age causes the deterioration of the spirit.

You’re older when you ask… is it worth it? You’re old when, without thinking, you answer no.

You’re older when you dream. You’re old when you barely get to sleep.

You’re older when you still learn. You’re old when you don’t teach anymore.

You’re older when you get to exercise. You’re old when most of your time you spend it sitting or lying down.

You are older when the day that begins is unique. He’s old when every day is the same.

You are older when on your schedule you have projects and obligations to fulfill tomorrow, past or next week. He’s old when his schedule is blank and he only lives thinking about yesterdays.

The eldest tries to renew himself every day that begins. The old man stops to think that may be the last of his days and gets depressed. Because while the eldest sets his sights on the horizon, where the sun rises and illuminates his hopes, the old man has waterfalls that look at yesterday’s shadows. In short, the eldest may be the same chronological age as the old man, but his differences are in his spirit or in his heart.

May everyone live a long life and never become “OLD” and the one who is old who learns to enjoy as the “MAJOR” of every minute of his day!


Envy is one of the worst things that can happen to us.

Once a time there was a seagull that was all day sad. The poor seagull was very envious of all the animals around her.
The seagull was envious of the horse, because it could run so fast. So much envy gave him that he tried to sting him whenever he could.
The seagull was also envious of the fish, because they could explore the bottom of the river. That’s why, whenever I could, I was trying to sting him.
Another animal that envied the seagull was mole, because it knew everything that was going on inside the earth. So every time the mole poked his head, the seagull tried to sting him.
One day the horse, fish and mole gathered by the river to try to find a solution. The seagull was becoming a real nuisance.
“We should talk to the seagull and make her see that she also has good things,” the horse said.
The mole and the fish thought it was a good idea. And so they did.
When the seagull tried to sting the horse, the horse said:
-What have I done to you to bite me, seagull?
“Run very fast,” said the seagull. I can’t run, and I don’t like that.
“But you can fly and get high, more than I could get from a jump,” the horse said. I wish I could fly too, and that’s not why I’m trying to hurt you just because you can.
-It’s true! “The seagull said. Thank you.
After a while he went to sting the fish. He poked his head out and asked him:
-What have I done to you to bite me, seagull?
“Explore the bottom of the river,” said the seagull. I can’t do it, and I don’t like that.
“But you can know the secrets of the trees,” the fish said. I can’t, and I’d like to. But that’s not why I attack you.
-It’s true! “The seagull said. Thank you.
After a while the seagull went to annoy the mole. He said:
-What have I done to you to bite me, seagull?
“You play with the land,” the seagull said. I can’t do it, and I don’t like that.
“But you can see all the wonders that brighten the sun,” the mole said. I can’t, and that’s not why I want to hurt you.
-It’s true! “The seagull said. Thank you.
The seagull learned that even if she could not do some things, she possessed many gifts that she could enjoy. And he never cared about what he couldn’t do again. Since then the seagull enjoys everything that nature has given her and is not envious of the other animals that can do things that she cannot do.


Next Thursday 24th we celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Mercy

Our Lady of Mercy, the Virgin of the Gift, the Virgin of the Gift, in performing her mission as the mother of the prisoners, descended from heaven and became present to Pedro Nolasco to continue his work of helping the captives, that is, free prisoners and return them home. Thus Saint Peter Nolasco, Saint Raimundo de Peñafort and King James of Aragon, founded in the thirteenth century the order of Saint Mary of mercy for the redemption of captives. The habit or dress of these inmate servers was white. The white color indicates kindness, cleanliness, honesty, purity, helpfulness.

What does the Virgin Mary of Mercy want?

Those who dress in white like Our Lady of Mercy, those who hear the Word of God and fulfill it as the Virgin of Mercy, teach the one who does not know, give good advice to the one who needs it, correct the one who is wrong, forgive the one who offends them, comfort the sad, patiently suffer the defects of others, pray to God for the living and for the deceased , visit and care for the sick, feed the hungry, feed the thirsty, welcome the pilgrim, dress naked, comfort the prisoner, accompany those who go to the cemetery to bury their deceased.


God the Father, who created people to be good, forgive them when they are evil and let them know that You love them.

Jesus Christ, who brought the good thief into paradise, sends fathers, mothers, friends, priests, educators, to point the right way to those who were wrong.

Holy Spirit, you can achieve clemency for prisoners, justice for the innocent, reintegration into the family, the Church, and society for those who were in prison.

Saint Mary of Mercy,

Sweet mother, don’t walk away,

your view of me don’t go away,

come with me everywhere,

And just never leave me.

And since you protect me so much,

as a true Mother,

make them bless me

The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Below we offer in full the allocution of the Cardinal and Archbishop of Havana, Archbishop Juan de la Caridad García.

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