Those who do not live to serve…

Faced with the recurring question that many Cubans are asking today, what aspirations can I have here and now, a young Catholic recalls the Pope’s invitation to live a “revolution of tenderness”. Five years ago, Francis, during his visit to the island, also explained the pillars that sustain this revolution: service, poverty and hope. Today, in the face of the disconcerting day-to-day life of this people, our common aspiration must be to give ourselves in service to the brother and in the construction, little by little, of the best Cuba that we are sure exists. “We must know that we will suffer misunderstandings and frustrations,” says the author, but “we are not edulating the Pope’s message.” […]


Allocution September 27, 2020

Cardinal Juan de la Caridad García, Archbishop of Havana, stated in his stay on this Sunday, September 27th, that many people, in saying yes to God, have also said yes to their family, their neighbors, their peoples and their churches. Among the examples of these “permanent yes” he recalled to marriages of many years of marriage; to the children who have remained with their older fathers until the last minute of their lives and to the Virgin Mary who accepted the will of God the Father to be the Mother of her Son made man. […]


Catechesis of the General Audience of S.S. Francisco

In the catechesis of the General Audience on 23 September, held in the courtyard of San Dámaso in the Vatican, Pope Francis referred to the issue of how are we going to get out of this crisis? In an earlier catechesis he referred to solidarity as an important element in addressing this moment of difficulty. Today he said: “there is no true solidarity without social participation, without the contribution of the intermediate bodies: of families, of associations, of cooperatives, of small businesses, of expressions of civil society.” […]


Film and children

The complicated and troubling movie and childhood duet deals with HBO’s new documentary film “The Kids of Hollywood.” It is not the first time that the presence of children in cinema has been the subject of other materials, but now we are offered an audiovisual well focused on the event. From how the casting process in Hollywood works for infants to the impact of being bewitched, to the letter, by the siren chants of America’s film industries. […]


Tactics and strategy

This could be the story of any mother, professional or not, committed to the mission of cultivating authentic values in her children to nurture and at the same time offer to the society where they live. Today, when technology absorbs many of our children, it would be healthy not to compete with this reality. It is about using it in our favor, as a tool for formation, which, of course, presupposes a change of paradigam in thought, attitude and action. […]


Allocution, Sunday, September 20, 2020

In this Sunday’s radio allocution, September 20, Cardinal Juan de la Caridad García, Archbishop of Havana, invited the faithful to present to God what was received from Him and promise to develop him and make him grow to put him at the service of all selflessly. He recalled that next Thursday, September 24, the Church celebrates the feast of Our Lady of Mercy, who intercedes before God for the redemption of captives. […]


“Inheritance” to embrace the world

The story of Denys San Jorge was complicated one day by waking up with the news that as a result of a reckless social attitude, the Covid-19 put its terroir in check and quarantine. If St. George was moved earlier, to the point of dedicating his homage to cities of the middle world, he was now twice moved, for the disease had been planted clearly among the people who, throughout a lifetime, shared with him a common space of deprivation and hope. He didn’t wait too long for the artist. Bauta would also have his name “written” with washers, tweezers and keys. […]