The final notes of Havana Organs

Por: Lázaro Numa Aguila

Ciclo Órganos de La Habana, organizado por la Cátedra de Música Sacra del Centro Cultural Padre Félix Varela.

Arrivals at seven o’clock on Monday, December 2, 2019, the musical notes of a capital organ were heard again. This time it was the turn of the oldest church in the city, that of the Holy Spirit. This would close the curtains of the Organs cycle of Havana, organized by the Chair of Sacred Music of the Padre Félix Varela Cultural Center. The guest artists for this colophon were the notable German organist Stefan Baier and the Vocal Leo chamber choir, led by teacher Corina Campos.

El maestro Stefan Baier, un hombre que merece el reconocimiento de todos, no solo por sus dones como músico, también por sus aportes al desarrollo de la música de órganos en Cuba.
Master Stefan Baier, a man who deserves recognition from all, not only for his gifts as a musician, but also for his contributions to the development of organ music in Cuba.

By this time a repertoire was chosen that did not seek virtuosismos, it would be more sacred and in correspondence with the liturgical time that is being lived. Even under these premises, Baier showed off his qualities as an excellent performer, delighting those present in each of the passages of his execution.

El trabajo del coro mostró una polifonía bien trabajada y cuidada por la maestra Corina Campo.
The choir’s work showed a well-worked polyphony cared for by teacher Corina Campo.

The chorus as always, impeccable, showed a well-kept inter-voice filling. Alongside the instrumentalist’s work, the girls led by Corina Campo set out to provide an excellent work that rounded out the purpose of the concert.

Unfortunately, past half the presentation, the unexpected loss of electrical fluid came to ruin so much effort. It is true that the fact prevented hearing the final chords of the concert, but nothing tarnished the masterful performance of Stefan Baier and the choir. In this unexpected way the curtain came down, but did not end the effort that the notes of the organs in Havana continue to be heard.

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