In Havana, its organs are heard again

Por: Lázaro Numa Aguila

Otra vez la Cátedra de Música Sacra del Centro Cultural Padre Félix Varela abrió un espacio para el sano disfrute de los habaneros, pero más que eso, es justo hacer notar el esfuerzo por el rescate de una manifestación musical que se reportaba ausente de nuestro mundo cultural durante muchas décadas. No quedó de otra que batir palmas de satisfacción tras la última nota musical del concierto.

Far from thinking Ctesibio of Alexandria, who is credited with inventing the organ in the 3rd century a.C, that his musical instrument would transcend in time and men such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Dietrich Buxtehude or Johann Pachelbel would elevate him to the category of immortal. Less could have thought that in the 21st century, in the capital of all Cubans, organ music was revitalized and a number of young performers would be presenting the the following, with a good level of acceptance, in the International Cycle of Organs of Havana, organized by the Chair of Sacred Music of the Padre Félix Varela Cultural Center.

On the afternoon of December 1, the young organist Julio Díaz and Daniela Rosa made their debut in Havana Cathedral alongside the already experienced Gabriela Mulen. Among all, they took responsibility for presenting a lucid and varied repertoire that left the audience present satisfied, in which they were curious to know the dynamics of musical expression for so long absent from the Cuban cultural scene, even within the religious sphere.

La joven Daniela Rosa y Julio Díaz se mostraron convincentes, seguros y limpios en las ejecuciones, a pesar de estar haciendo su debut como organistas.
Young Daniela Rosa and Julio Díaz were convincing, confident and clean in the executions, despite making their debut as organisers.

Gabriela Mulen demonstrated more flight hours in front of the keyboard of the instrument air phone, without demeritarize in anything the execution of her companions. He executed pieces of greater degree of complexity. Among them they gave a splendid afternoon to those present.

Gabriela Mulen tuvo una excelente tarde, derrochó maestría sobre el teclado.
Gabriela Mulen had an excellent afternoon, wasted mastery on the keyboard.

A fresh note within the concert was provided by the Escolanía de San Cristóbal in Havana, directed by Mailán Avila Leyva, prestigious longtime director with children’s choirs.

La Escolanía de San Cristóbal de La Habana fue una nota fresca en la calurosa tarde de concierto.
The School of San Cristobal in Havana was a fresh note on the hot afternoon of concert.

Again the Chair of Sacred Music of the Padre Félix Varela Cultural Center opened a space for the healthy enjoyment of habaneros, but more than that, it is right to point out the effort to rescue a musical manifestation that was reported absent from our cultural world for many decades. There was nothing left but to beat the palms of satisfaction after the last musical note of the concert.

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