“If you want to serve the Lord, hold on to Him”

Por: Texto y fotos Yandry Fernández Perdomo

Ordenación diaconal

A seminarian dreams of an ordination full of relatives, faithful and priests. However, in your case it could not have been so because of the pandemic. You could tell us, what has this diaconal ordination meant to you in the midst of these circumstances?

“It is not the celebration one has dreamed of since entering the Seminary. There are certainly many friendships, priests, religious who would like to accompany me; even my family, my parents, are missing, but the celebration has been as the Lord has wanted it to be; I have been shown and taught in this time that He is the most important thing. Sometimes the other circumstances may be secondary, but if we are with Him, well, then everything will be fine and as the bishop says, everything will be better. It has been a day of great joy and also of great longing for those who are not, but I know that they accompany me from afar with prayer.”

What people awakened your vocation to the priesthood and helped you be ordained a deacon today?

“Father Vladimir was not there today, he is one of my trainers and I know he wanted to be, but because of the circumstances we already know he could not accompany us. Fathers of pastoral care such as Father Edward, Father Elixander, Father Juan Carlos who has helped me so much and who, in addition to being a priest, to me is like a father. Many people in the communities have also accompanied me, who have been my catechists, for example Father Eloy, catechist of my confirmation; Father Lazarus Roberto, of my communion, who have also not been able to be. Deaconos brothers, Maximus who taught me so much when he was pastoral in the Cemetery.
“I believe that in each and every one of these people I have received a lot and I thought this was time when I could thank, care, please for all the good you have done me. However, I know it will be my turn to do so later personally and from now on with prayer and my service in the Church.”

Lazarus, this is a question I ask repeatedly, but very important in the face of the need for vocations. What message would you give to those young men who feel called to the vocation of religious life and the priesthood?

“Always read Ecclesiastical (2:1): ‘If you want to serve the Lord, prepare for trial.’ Hold on to Him, if you are with Him nothing will go wrong. As St Paul would say, ‘if Christ is with me, who against me?’ He’s a trust in his promises.
“Be faithful, pray a lot, take advantage of the time of study, prayer, and sharing with your brothers and sisters because the environment also forms. Young people who are questioning their vocation, don’t be afraid. I know it’s hard to take the step… I was an engineer, then a professor at the university and had to give it all up for the Lord. It’s worth it and take a chance.
“Whoever falls into the hands of the Lord does not fall into the abyss, but falls into his hands. Venture in, and if the Lord calls you, answer yes. He’s going to sustain them with his grace and he’s really going to give them happy moments like this that I lived today and happy moments for the rest of their lives.”

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