Fourth training meeting of the group of Catholic Psychologists of Cuba (GPSICC)

This Saturday, April 21 at the Convent San Juan de Letrán of the Dominican parents, the fourth training meeting of the Group of Catholic Psychologists of Cuba, GPSICC, took place.
The subject on this occasion was a question: “Is the subject a construction of consciousness?” Fray Lester Zayas, speaker of the meeting, presented the riddle from a philosophical and psychological point of view. After a brief and concise explanation of the historical journey of this question among the great thinkers of humanity, and after setting out their appreciations, the dialogue remained open. The work in teams that came in led to a fruitful exchange between the participants, who shared experiences, doubts and criteria.
Dreams and challenges on how to assume the professional practice of psychology in Cuba, as well as the methodologies, theories, instruments, techniques and resources to use to promote human beings from a Christian perspective, were the main topics addressed at the end of the meeting.
This group of Catholic psychologists was created in 2016 in the archdiocese of Havana. It aims to bring professionals from this branch of the social sciences with the aim of fostering a space for the study and incorporation of tools, applicable resources and that, from a Christian approach, contributes to the common good.
Note: (coordinator mail)

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