A new care project called Casa Betania in the Archdiocese of Havana opens its doors

Fr. Manuel Vega Orbay, parish priest of St Catherine of Siena, made known this morning that casa Betania opens its doors to all the dioceses of the island. Thanks to the idea of our Archbishop Juan de la Caridad García, this new care project will welcome brothers who need accommodation and food (at no cost) when they arrive in Havana in order to receive medical treatments. This idea was made possible by the help of Messengers of Peace.

Orbay stated: … the name of the House is inspired by the welcome given to Jesus by his friends in Bethany, as from our faith we see Christ present in the sick. on the other hand he noted:

… the place intended for this project is the parish house of Santa Catalina de Siena, located in Vedado, on the corner of 25 and Paseo.  This place has been chosen not only for the availability of the property but for its geographical location, since very close to the parish there are several hospitals and it is known the ordeal that many who come from afar to them when they have nowhere to stay and the stay is extended. Here, as I said, both the sick and the companion will be given a roof and food or if a sick person is admitted and it is only the one who accompanies him who needs to be cared for will be. This service is aimed at everyone who needs it, as usual in our style of work, will not only be for members of some Christian community but for everyone, but in each case there are certain guidelines to follow that I will now explain below.

Standards or guidelines essential to be hosted in the Betania House:

The recommendation to make a reservation should only come from a priest or a religious. Please note that a pre-booking must be made by telephone as a matter of order and because we do not have a large number of rooms. This reservation will be made by means of the numbers of the priestly house attached to the parish (78368560-63 ext. 135) the schedule for reservations will be from 8:30am to 12:00m. The personal details of the sick person and his/her companion must be given and where they come from, as well as the day of arrival and departure. As for the day of departure at least the one believed to be the real one. They must also give the name and phone number of their parish or the name and phone number of the religious who recommend it, as the case may be. If it is not someone from the community must also give the number of religious who recommend it or the parish in which there must be knowledge of the identity and need of the person since each reservation will be verified, being verified that reservation will be confirmed, either the parish priest or the religious must let the person know that their reservation has been confirmed. Therefore, the person making a reservation must wait to be nodded to their confirmation.
When the people arrive at the house, they must present the following documents: identity card, medical documents and a letter with signature and cuño from the parish priest or the religious of the place, whether or not they are from the Christian community should be recommended by the parish priest or the religious of the place who give them said letter. This letter comes from a priest or a religious must state the name of each person who is recommended, as well as their provenance and condition, along with the identity of the person sending them, their place of residence and their telephone number.
They must present, those who come from distant dioceses, their return passage.
It is essential to stay that every sick person arrives at the house with their companion.
No transportation, lodging and food will be offered.
The entrance to the Betania house will be via Paseo Street, between 25 and 23 where there is a staircase leading to the house.

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