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So bond paper printing, 300 dpi resolution photos, pin clips and cardboard binding? In which Southeast Asian country does that teacher of yours live? You can see that he has a safe job for the pile of teachers who have left for tourism or taxi drivers, and has not been left without a job like me after thirty years of service and with only a month’s wage guarantee!
Don’t you know that with the hyperinflation in this country, the pack of leaves is going for seven dollars and that if you follow the devaluation of the currency with which we are paid in a short time it is set to ten? Doesn’t your brain admit that what a pack of loops is worth is much more than you charge for a day’s work?
Research on the Internet… in which newspaper did he read that a family that does not receive remittances can afford to pay what is worth an hour’s connection in a place like that, opened by the telephone company? I don’t want to see what it’s going to be like the day they allow you to have an account in your own home, if nothing more than by calling Mayarí three times a week I’m paying more than two hundred pesos a month on the phone! And we must hear that this service is one of many that are subsidized!
Go and tell your master that if he wants to be a standard-bearer in financial consolidation so that the fiscal deficit is reduced and gross domestic product grows at our expense, to do it with other students or to give you another research topic that you can look for in the newspaper or in a library, because what I am I will not move a finger to research shock therapies in capitalist countries! Ω

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