Catholic footprint in the streets of Habaneras: Calle Jesús Peregrino

by: L.N.A.

Intersección de las calles Belascoaín y Jesús Peregrino.

Many people are deeply striking about the name of this street located in Centro Habana.
First, he was called from Interián, because a Havana lord named Pedro Interián, who had short life, owned a ground cavalry in the area. Also lived in it was a brown craftsman named José Antonio Aponte, manufacturer of fans and combs, who had an altarpiece with the image of Jesus Pilgrim.
The population began to call the street like that of the Pilgrim Jesus. Aponte, for his part, achieved notoriety for his “alleged” leadership in the well-known abolitionist conspiracy, which is why he was hanged in 1812.

Subsequently, by agreement approved on January 10, 1912, it was renamed to Nestor Sardiñas, patriot of our war of independence. Then, by another agreement of the City Council, it was determined to restore the name by that of Jesús Peregrino, which it retains to this day.

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