Dad’s here.

Por: Jorge Fernández Era

The taxi parked in front of the house. The woman and children run to the car. The driver has not finished lifting the lid of the trunk when Gertrude has already seized the larger briefcase and drags it deep into the room. Teresita and Tato, the eldest children, carry the rest, aided by three solicitous neighbors.
Cut ropes. Untie ties.
–What I needed! “The woman exclaims. A melon peeling machine! Did it cost you a lot, pee?
–Very little. Nobody peels them there.
“Here less, Daddy,” Tato says.
“To this day,” Gertrude finishes.
–You’re a wise man! This dick must be painted on me! Teresita says excitedly.
“I don’t know what it looks like after you distill it.
“Mom, as always, so chea,” the daughter defends herself.
“Daddy, did you bring me what I asked for? –now it’s Tato.
“Yes, I brought you the suit.
–Where is he?
–Under the blue shirt.
–Is it mine too?
–What a remedy.
–Daddy, it’s food on the one hand!
“It must have been the mice in your sister’s pulver, which is on top.
–What a beauty! –pronounces Gertrude by extending a tapestry with a leopard over a last model Ford.
–It is to replace the frame of palm trees that is in the hallway.
They knock on the door.
“That must be Maritza, Ernestico’s teacher! He was left to bring it when the Circle of Interest at the Pioneer Palace was over!
Gertrude opens. The boy runs and hugs the father.
“Let’s see, let’s see: that my pioneer doesn’t know what daddy brought from France!
–The transformers you went to buy for the Eastern Thermoelectric Plant!
– Esteee… Ω

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