Doors of Faith

Arístides Hernández Guerrero, Ares (Havana, 1963) counts among the most significant of Cuban graphic humorism of all time. Awarded more than 150 awards nationally and internationally, he has developed a sustained career as a cartoonist […]


Different lives

Although fortunately in Cuba serial audiovisules keep distance from certain banalizing procedures and schemes, the truth and known is that in the telenovela there are a series of cannons and stereotypes that some of our […]


Ruge, lion

In 2019, Havana celebrates its five hundredth anniversary, although the actual dates of the foundation of the villa on the south coast and later in the Port of Carenas are still under discussion: “Because the […]


I wish you time

With gentle lyricism, but with her feet well placed on the ground, a poet woman wrote in 1987 the following: I don’t wish you any good. I wish you only what almost everyone lacks. I […]