Caritas Cuba: “2020 has marked us deeply”

2020 was the year maritza Sánchez, director of Cáritas Cuba, planned her retirement after more than two decades leading this Catholic institution, and in which she was given a gift? farewell, face the covid-19. God has not given him a break, as if he were still trying it at the end of the long career of his professional life. Maritza, with the energy and faith that have always characterized her, has continued to work since the day of March when it was decided to implement telework, sustain the essential services and continue from the central office encouraging and accompanying the diocesan Caritas. […]

Palabra de Hoy

Solemnity of Saint Mary Mother of God

With the celebration of World Day for Peace, the Church encourages the fostering and making life of the culture of care to protect and promote the dignity and good of all, as a willingness to care, compassion, reconciliation, respect and mutual acceptance. Let us walk by the hand of Mary, mother of Jesus, and with her we thank God for this new year that we are beginning. A new year is a new stage and a new opportunity that the Life Owner gives us. Looking to the future with enthusiasm and hope, despite the pains and sufferings, should be our attitude today, as men and women of faith. […]