Alocución domingo 1 de agosto

Allocution Sunday, August 1

In his Sunday address, Cardinal Juan de la Caridad García, Archbishop of Havana, invited us to pray the Our Father prayer that Jesus Christ himself taught us every day. “In this prayer we say: ‘Give us today our daily bread.’ Yes, the food we need to live with health and strength for the work of life, both our obligations to society and in our home and neighborhood ”. He recalled how important it is to feed our body and to share that food with family, friends and guests. “From the material bread shared each day, love arises.” […]

Palabra de Hoy

XVIII Sunday in Ordinary Time

Today’s Word of God leads us into one of the most important mysteries of our Christian faith: the sacramental presence of Christ alive in the Eucharist, offered to us as the bread of life, to quench our hunger, to quench our thirst. But… what am I hungry for? What is my thirst? These questions can be extended to the society in which we live. Certainly we have to admit with shame and blush that in the world in which we live there are still many people who really starve, who do not have what it takes to live; there are also many men and women who hunger and thirst for justice and freedom. But the hunger and thirst that we are being told about today goes beyond the visible and tangible. It is the hunger and thirst for God. Our world needs God to transform our hearts; you need Christ so that any other type of hunger and thirst will disappear and you will be satisfied and calm. Because from the encounter with God in Christ, new hearts spring up capable of recreating the world in true justice and freedom, that overcome differences, that put the poor and needy in the priority of their work and efforts. […]