Conversaciones sobre arte

The experience of art

The times that run continue to demand our care. Staying at home seems to be a safe option, and in this recollection, reading is wise company. It is worth taking into account then the recent book by Rafael Acosta de Arriba, Conversations about art, which combines the rigor of the researcher and exegete of art with the generosity of the admirer not only of heterogeneous artists but also of valuable critics. The author returns to generate the debate of ideas through the interview, one of the genres in which he usually moves with mastery and pleasure. […]

Alocución 15 de agosto 2021

Allocution, Sunday August 15, Solemnity of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

Mary invites us to set out on the journey, not to allow ourselves to be trapped by the culture of evil and death, to look at the world from God’s eyes and reflect his goodness and mercy in our words and deeds. Putting ourselves on the path towards God and towards others, detaching ourselves from what hinders and hinders us. A path that so often is not made of roses but of thorns, in which the cross appears at every step. We, with Mary and like Mary, from the smallness of our history, from the humility and poverty of how little we are and have, must reaffirm ourselves in faith in God and in the truth that only in Him can we find. […]

Palabra de Hoy

20th Sunday in Ordinary Time

“Our path is the same as that of Christ and the Virgin.” In this way, Cardinal Juan de la Caridad García, archbishop of Havana, reminded us in his Sunday address that created in the image and likeness of God, who is love, we do not leave space in our hearts for hatred or revenge. “And at the end of life, he said, how wonderful to leave a family full of love, a Church full of faith, hope and charity and a people full of peace.” He begged the Virgin to help those who have Covid, especially pregnant women, whom the Gospel of the day personifies in two great women: Mary and her cousin Elizabeth. […]

Ceremonia de clausura de la Juegos Olímpicos Tokio 2020.

Arigato Japan

The Olympic Games distracted us for a few days from this pandemic time in which we have passed since the previous year. They were beneficial moments that we dedicated to putting in second or third plane the fears for health and the macabre noise of so many deficiencies and miseries that hammered our existence. The unusualness of these Olympics had many nuances, such as the lack of public presence in the competitions or the diversity of speeches in the media and social networks, where ideology and politics constantly pulsed, with all degrees of intensity. . […]

clero habanero

Talk to the clergy of Havana-2021

The talk that Fr. Manuel Uña, O.P, gave to the Havana clergy was about the priest’s mission in a changing and complex Cuba. When specifying the three crises that in his consideration affect Cuba today, that of COVID-19, economic and political, Father Uña insisted that before them the Church cannot remain as a mere spectator, nor should it face the situation from out with excessive criticism. “These processes, he said, must be accompanied from within through dialogue. This requires ministers capable of understanding the fate of the sufferer and comforting him. He recalled that it is the pastors who are primarily responsible for the mission of mediating and dialogue at high levels: “A favorable solution will not be reached by impositions, nor by calling for confrontation, but when mutual listening is exercised, They seek common agreements and concrete and tangible steps are taken that contribute with the contribution of all Cubans, without exclusion, to build the homeland of all ”. He insisted on the need to propose ways of meeting and dialogue that can lead to reconciliation and peace as the only valid alternative. He stressed that any mission must free itself from enmity, which already infiltrates many aspects of life and encouraged priests to protect their spirits from the temptation of force, from the contamination of the heart and the contempt of our fellow men. “Let us be shepherds, brothers who strengthen our brother, accomplices of reconciliation and hope. Of that hope that is not utopia but the certainty of a future that is making its way between us ”. […]


Allocution August 8, XIX Sunday in Ordinary Time

In his Sunday address, Cardinal Juan de la Caridad García, Archbishop of Havana, reminds us that Jesus Christ is spiritual food both in his Word and in his Body and Blood. With this spiritual food we will have life, which will be full if it is led by love. “There is full life in a home if there is love. There is full life in a marriage if there is faithful love, and from there more life will emerge in the blessed fruits. There is full life in the elderly who feel loved, loved, cared for, treated with affection. There is full life in children that make their parents happy. There is full life in the bride and groom who are preparing to form the family they dreamed of and talked about together. There is full life in the neighbors who help each other. There is full life in those who settle their differences and conflicts as brothers ”. […]

Emilio. Obispo

Letter of condolences from Bishop Emilio Aranguren, Bishop of Holguín and president of the COCC, to Cardinal Juan de la Caridad García, Archbishop of Havana, on the death of Bishop Alfredo Víctor Petit Vergel, Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus of this Archdiocese

Letter of condolences from Bishop Emilio Aranguren, Bishop of Holguín and president of the COCC, to Cardinal Juan de la Caridad García, Archbishop of Havana, on the death of Bishop Alfredo Víctor Petit Vergel, Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus of this Archdiocese […]


XIX Sunday in Ordinary Time

God never leaves us alone; he is a good Father. Our weakness and smallness, manifested in this way, humbly before Him, will be the best soil in which the seed of God’s omnipotence and love will grow and manifest. Because God chooses the weakest in this world to confuse the strong; because the strength of God will be realized in our weakness. In everyday life, we are pilgrims, walkers, who need to get up every time we fall, over and over again, and feed on Him to follow the path that He has marked us on, in which He accompanies us without ceasing. […]