Allocution, Sunday August 15, Solemnity of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

By: Archbishop of Havana, Cardinal Juan de la Caridad García

Alocución 15 de agosto 2021
Alocución 15 de agosto 2021

We thank all the people who make this radio broadcast possible, today Sunday August 15, Solemnity of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. The Gospel according to Saint Luke is read in all the Catholic churches of the world, chapter 1, verses 39 to 56.


The path of his our life is to follow Christ and the Virgin Mary. Christ, being the Son of God from eternity, took human nature in the womb of the Virgin Mary and spent nine months there. He was born in the cave of Bethlehem, he was carried, suckled, pampered, protected… by his mother, the Virgin. He was cared for, guided, taught by Saint Joseph. He grew in stature, wisdom, and grace from God. He worked wood, selflessly served those who approached him. He prayed with his family and neighbors every morning, every afternoon, every night … At the age of thirty he began to preach the Word of God and to announce the Kingdom of love, peace and harmony. He comforted the afflicted, healed the sick, personified sinners, and brought out of evil many who were mired in sin, which does profound damage to individuals, families, and society.

For claiming to be the Son of God and king of love, he was scourged, crowned with thorns, insulted, mistreated, nailed to a Cross and on the third day he rose again, and lives forever and ever with God the Father, and there he awaits us.


The way of the Virgin is to follow her Son. He lived nine months in the apparently sterile womb of Santa Ana, fertilized by San Joaquín. He grew up surrounded by family love and happy to see parents next to him. The envoy of God the Father, the archangel Saint Gabriel, warned her that she was going to be the mother of the Son of God made man and she replied: “Here is the handmaid of the Lord, let it be done to me according to your Word.” After traveling about 140 kilometers, he visited her cousin Isabel, who despite her years and apparently sterility was pregnant with who would later be known as John the Baptist.

He saw his son Jesus being born in a cave. He received kings and shepherds who came to worship the child God; he presented it in the temple; he fled to Egypt with him and Saint Joseph to defend the little boy from King Herod, who wanted to kill him. The Virgin lived in the home of Nazareth in the full happiness that love gives, next to Joseph and her son Jesus. Together they went to the houses of prayer and the temple. Together they praised and thanked God every morning, every afternoon, and every night. Together they fed the hungry, the thirsty to drink, welcomed the pilgrims, dressed the naked, cared for and visited the sick, helped the relatives of the prisoners, accompanied the people who mourned the death of their deceased. They taught those who did not know, gave good advice to those who needed it, corrected those who were in error, pardoned injuries, consoled the sad, suffered with patience the defects of their neighbors and prayed to God for the living and the dead.

One day the Virgin saw Jesus leave her town Nazareth from her. He began to preach the Word of God and to proclaim that the kingdom of love, peace, and harmony was within the human heart itself. The Virgin heard that her son was crazy when he invited forgiveness, reconciliation, friendship and the life of brothers. The Virgin accompanied her Son on the way of the cross and stood at the foot of the cross seeing the suffering of her Son. There her son made her the Mother of all men when he told her: “Woman, here is your son”, referring to her friend Juan who was next to her. In that disciple of Christ we were represented all the men of this world. The Virgin saw her Son die, hugged him, helped wrap him in a sheet, accompanied him to the tomb. All Saturday she felt loneliness, but with hope. She believed in the resurrection announced by Jesus himself; she saw him resurrected and jumped for joy. She accompanied the nascent Church in prayer; and one day, the believer, the faithful disciple, the one who had no sins, the Mother, the one who served everyone, the one who in her body from conception to ascent to heaven has always been full of God in thoughts, words and actions, he has followed his Son to the house of Heaven, where he is now body and soul.


Our path is the same as that of Christ and the Virgin. Nine months in her womb thanks to the love of mom and dad. Created in the image and likeness of God who is love. We were born through love, we grew up in family love. Taught by the love of our elders and of so many new people, in this way it will be easy for us to form a new family in which the spouses love each other today more than yesterday, the blessed fruits of that love are received, treated, guided with immense affection, the parents and grandparents receive exceptional expressions of gratitude, neighbors, friends treat each other as what they are, children of God and brothers all. Let no hatred or revenge fit in any heart. Everything is peace and difficulties are resolved between brothers. That is what we have been created for. That is what we live, work and strive for: to be happy through love. And at the end of life how wonderful to leave a family full of love, a Church full of faith, hope and charity and a people full of peace.

And when we appear before God the Father full of works of mercy, we will be with him forever in the fullness of love with the Virgin, the saints and our deceased. And when the end of time comes, and Christ comes with glory to bless all the good work done in this world, the Holy Spirit will resurrect these mortal remains and we will be forever in the House of Heaven, in glorious body and soul, as Today the Virgin is.


Santa María helps those who have Covid. She accompanies those who help these sick people. She comforts those who mourn. She strengthens the elderly. She prays for the people, unites families, protects pregnant women. She presents to God the Father the works of mercy of our deceased.

Santa María de la Asunción, Guanabacoa feels your company and prayer.

Holy Virgin Mary of the Assumption, she listens to the voice of those who pray to you; she shows your paternal love with assiduous intercession for your people.

Oh blessed! Oh gracious! Oh pious! Oh sweet Virgin Mary! Amen.


In today’s Gospel there has been a meeting of two pregnant women and their blessed fruits. After this wonderful encounter, the Virgin sang and praised the greatness of her Father, her God. Every pregnant woman also sings and praises God.


We unite ourselves to the Christ who is in heaven sacramentally, and we put our hearts in his.


We place our entire family, the entire town of Guanabacoa, in the hands of God the Father, and we pray for them the best that Christ has asked God the Father for.

(Prayer of the Lord’s Prayer)

Sweet Mother, don’t walk away. Your sight of me do not turn away, come with me everywhere and never leave me alone. And since you protect me so much, as a true Mother, let the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit bless me.

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