Ada Rabelo receives important recognition for her work to the Church

Por Yandry Fernández Perdomo

Moisés Santiesteban entrega el reconocimiento a Ada Rabelo
Encuentro de coros parroquiales
Parish choir meeting

As part of the VII Week of Sacred Music (SMS) and during the Parish Choir Meeting, held at the Church of the Holy Angel Custodian and coordinated by Ramón Leyva, the teacher and choir director of the Catholic Church in Cuba, Ada Rabelo, received recognition for her sacred musical work in the Archdiocese of Havana.

In his words of dedication to the recognition, Moisés Santiesteban, musician and organizer of the SMS, expressed that this award was granted to Rabelo for his extensive work carried out in the liturgical field and his pioneering work of collecting, ordering and valorating the unknown repertoires that were the result of the post-conciliar renewal, a fact that resulted in the formation of a new cantoral for the Cuban Church and with it , the emergence of a new soundscape within temples.

For her part, Ada Rabelo appreciated the support of many people who during her career have accompanied her. He also expressed that two important moments in his work were the compilation of church music in Cuba and the up-to-date with the Second Vatican Council.

The also director of the archdiocesan choir has done an important job in the formation and preparation of great musicians in the communities, in order to solemnize numerous liturgical acts within the island.

Expression of this commitment was also noted during the meeting of parish choirs, where different songs were sung that are part of the Cuban liturgical tradition and of which participated representatives of the most outstanding musical groups of the Havana churches such as the choir of the church San Juan Bosco, the school of San Juan de Letrán, the choral ensemble of the Cathedral of Havana , among others.

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