Smart Cuba?

By: Antonio López Sánchez

Perfil de Facebook del actor cubano Roberto Espinosa Sebazco

Recently, this scribe reflected on the invasion of idiocy that swarms in the nets and of which, with raw but truthful reason, we were alerted by the Italian writer and semiologist Umberto Eco. After work, almost as a logical extension of such reflections another question was imposed. Is the same thing happening in our country?

A couple of recent events set off the alarms. In recent days, news of the occurrence of attacks and offenses to the Facebook profile of Cuban actor Roberto Espinosa Sebazco circulated on social media. In the Creole novel that currently broadcasts television, The Face of Days, the artist embodies the character of René, a loathsome rapist and paedophile. At the moment, several voices were raised, including that of actor Luis Alberto García and other specialists, to strongly condemn such nonsense.

While everyone who studies communication knows that, for certain sectors of the audience, the line between a character and the actor who represents it is sometimes blurred with great ease, such events have no place or acceptance. Leonardo Padura once claimed that there were women approaching him to propose to his legendary detective Mario Conde, who exists only on the pages of his novels. However, when admiration or idealization degenerates into offense or violence, it is time to convene sanity.

That in a country like ours, where the levels of education are quite high (although, unfortunately, not always associated with those of education), such dissatisfventures occur calls us to a serious call for attention. A performance, which also manages to set its sights on a terrible phenomenon that Cuba is no stranger to, cannot degenerate into becoming the person a character. If rené is hated, the actor behind the mask deserves applause and no offense. The real paedoes and rapists, the fact and not their artistic representation, the terrible phenomenon of sexual violence and of all kinds against children and adolescence, are the real targets to combat. It is against these evils that the public must direct their repudiation and not against the artist who contributes to putting them before the eye.

Another event can also call us at the analysis. The violent capital regrowth of Covid 19, as well as institutional responses and protocols that perhaps also somewhat relaxed, is based on serious social indisciplines. Parties, meetings in enclosed spaces, crowds of all kinds, almost total and evident carelessness for the use of nasobuco, among other faults, are the rains that brought the current sludge of a high number of infected.

Social indiscipline, ignoring health and government orientations, is another way of exercising idiocy. It is obvious that many people are forced to take to the streets, to queue long to get food and solve a thousand needs. Those most vulnerable sectors deserve all the care. But care is not just the responsibility of law enforcement or government authorities. You have to queue, but carrying the mask, washing your hands, keeping your distances are indispensable measures. Each person should assume that they may be sick, even if they have no symptoms. Therefore, he must take care of the other, by simple and flat humanity. Each person must assume that the other may be sick. So you must meet the orientations of distance and protection, to take care of yourself and to take care of yours at home.

The age data of many of the recent infected shows the neglect of younger age sectors. Take a simple look at the streets and you will see, even today, that we have returned to isolation, many young people without nasobuco, drinking or in groups that converse in the corners. Is that a smart way to take on a terrible disease? Does it sound logical, rational, that a pickle or a big guy risks his indolence to bring a virus home that can be fatal to his mother or a grandmother? A nearby neighbor applauds the doctors every night with delusional slogans and lively slogans. At nine in the morning, he goes out to get the bread and the nasobuco hangs from his neck like a bib. Is this consistent?

It is fair to say that in this matter, there are more messages on the networks in tribute to doctors and reproducing official information than in the opposite direction. In fact, even jokes go mostly against the unconscious and in favor of sanity. Luckily, anti-vaccine conspiracies, against the use of masks or aliens that will dominate the world, still don’t touch us closely.

However, it is remarkable that, in this second isolation, since only Havana is in such a situation, there is a lower tendency to the subject, and therefore less notion of risk, than in previous months. In the face of the already seen, some sparks must keep us very attentive. You have to be alert, even here. There are already idiots lurking.

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