A new Loyola Center in Cuba

Por Oficina de Comunicación de los Jesuitas en Cuba

The Loyola Centers are a tool that the Society of Jesus has to approach and transform those places that in Cuba we call peripherals. Tuesday, October 16th will be an unforgettable date for the entire community of Diezmero in the Municipality of San Miguel del Padrón, since then the official inauguration of the Loyola Center “Sagrado Corazón” took place. The untimely rain did not amilante the neighbors of the Sacred Heart Parish Church, who showed in their faces a contagious joy at being beneficiaries of a work that will surely change the human ecology of the entire neighborhood.


El Arzobispo de la Habana, junto a los padre Cela, Pantaleón y Melvín sj
The Archbishop of Havana, together with Fathers Cela, Pantaleón and Melvín sj

The activity was attended by Archbishop Juan de la Caridad García, Archbishop of Havana, who blessed the center and spoke to those present about the fruits that will be collected from the service performed by this Catholic institution 100 years! Among the guests was Father David Pantaleón, superior of the Jesuits in Cuba. He, through music, showed the joy of the Company for accompanying projects of such importance to the Major of the Antilles.  He also shared a few words with the attendees Fr. Jorge Cela sj, coordinator of the Loyola Centers Network, who took the opportunity to make an illustrative outline of the results pursued by initiatives like this, which invite the entire Ignatian family to paddle out to sea.

The occasion was appropriate to thank so many people who made possible the concreteness of this work, especially Fr. Juan Miguel Arregui sj, inspiring it, and Fr. Melvin Arias Pérez sj. The latter was present and visibly excited to see that he already took his first steps the project he materialized with all his might. The gala was also an auspicious space to see in action the orchestra of the Centro Loyola Reina, and several children of the community who showed their talent in different artistic manifestations, such as dance and poetry. Before cutting the inaugural tape, the director of the Loyola Diezmero Center, The Hna. Hosleidys Bárbara Alonso Valdés, of the Compañía de María, presented the cloister of workers of the institution and had to speak words of thanks to all the architects of this story that is already beginning to be written.

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