The conga

Por Jorge Fernández Era

Cuba,Camagüey.San Juan Camagueyano.Congas,comparsas y muñecones en el defile de apertura del San Juan Camagueyano.

All our people are made known, and will be effective after its publication in the Official Gazette Paper, the dismissal of Numancio Guirola as holder of the Ministry of Office Materials, a position he held since taking on this task, and for which his colleague Sebastián Bergaza, head of Attention to Personalities of the National Institute of Tips, has been appointed.
Bergaza sold milk powder underground during the government of Fulgencio Batista, holds a master’s degree in Razors in the defunct German Democratic Republic, and has more than fifty blood donations. He is one of the few compatriots in his chest with the Ensulu Gardes Canse Order, which grants the Namibian army to those retired from military life.
He replaced Sebastián Bergaza at the Head of Personality Care of the National TipPing Institute, Partner Iraida Castelo, who served as head of the Fines Department of the Provincial Council of Administrators of Havana City. Iraida has been without traffic accidents for more than twenty years and is an exemplary mother of three children.
Iraida Castelo is replaced by Iraida Castelo in the head of the Department of Fines of the Provincial Council of Administrators of Havana, partner Walfrido Alvearez, head of Chemical Protection of the Museum of Decorative Figures, in Plaza de la Revolución. Alvearez led the El Arte y la Trampa Fair for five years, and successfully conducted the judicial process that condemned the exhibitionism of some paintings.
Walfrido Alvearez as head of Chemical Protection at the Museum of Decorative Figures is fellow Remigio Remón, Vice-Chief of Paintings of the Union of Kings Plastic Brush Factory, Matanzas, who in his athlete years was a finalist for the Central American Badminton Championship.
Remigio Remón is replaced as Deputy Director of Paintings of the Plastic Brushes Factory of Union of Kings companion Sonilda Rego, Director of Protection to the Expendetor of the Bathing Company and Other Nuevite Services, Camaguey. Sonilda had an active participation in the campaign for the release of sweet biscuits and other standard products.
Sonilda Rego is replaced by Sonilda Rego in the Directorate of Protection to the Experiencer of the Bathing company and Other Nuevitas Services partner Geoberti Vizoso, posture technician of the Cooperative of Agricultural Production Battle of Hídeas, in Báguanos, Holguín. Geoberti studies Medium Technician in The Exploitation of Fluvial Transport and chairs the Association of Economists in Mayarí Arriba, his place of residence.
He replaces Geoberti Vizoso as a posture technician of the Cooperative of Agricultural Production Battle of Hídeas the companion Aquilón Villacamp, until today unemployed, who was part of the job exchange of the lighthouse of Punta de Maisí, in Guantanamo. Villacamp, a Haitian national, was shipwrecked off the coast of Baracoa in the past decade and obtained Cuban citizenship by demonstrating, documents through, that his grandfather founded a coffee bar in Puriales de Caujerí, in addition to passing with outstanding (Villacamp nieto) an examination of Scientific Materialism.
He replaces Aquilón Villacamp as unemployed and a member of the employment exchange of the lighthouse of Punta de Maisí citizen Numancio Guirola, who… Ω

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