Tips for a boss who respects himself

Por: Jorge Fernández Era

If you want your company to march on wheels, don’t solve everything on your own. Report responsibilities.
Look for:
–Someone who defines goals, tasks and perspectives.
–Another that is active, energetic, that shows initiative and does not fear the experiment.
–Another that names, plans and records daily what has been done.
–Another one who is responsible for gaining the trust of subordinates, of raising their awareness and responsibility for work.
–Another that monitors and veres compliance with standards and directives.
–Another that traces the rules and directives.
–Another who knows how to speak, talk, listen and possesses, above all, a sense of humor.
–Another that quotes subordinates, organizes meetings and, why not, is responsible for conducting them.
–And another one that finds out with the ones above what to orient to the ones below.
Then ask yourself what the hell you’re boss for. Ω

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