Cuba, proclaim the gospel with joy!

Por: Hna. Toñi Valverde

Los asesores de la IAM reunidos en El Rincón llegaron procedentes de distintas comunidades habaneras.
IAM advisors gathered in El Rincón came from different Jewish communities.

“Cuba, proclaim the Gospel with joy!” is the motto of the National Assembly of Missions that is preparing for August 2020. In keeping with the spirit of this celebration, the counselors of Missionary Childhood and Adolescents (IAM), from different Haban communities, gathered at the National Shrine of San Lázaro, in El Rincón, to continue their missionary formative process.

As usual, the workshop of games and dynamics to make IAM meetings more attractive, was led by The Brother of the Salle, David Reyes Sánchez. On the other hand, the Lent retreat, based on the conversion that God asks, was accompanied by Father Luis Alberto Formoso, who, through audiovisuals, helped to question the experience of faith, through two questions: Where do I stand? What does God ask me?

Advisers Darián Carmona, Henry Mariña, Beatriz Hernández and Yanet Cortina contributed to the formation of Missionary Childhood and Adolescents, with the themes “To be ready and to be a good advisor”, “Missionary Animation”, “The Regulations”, and “The Methodology of IAM”, where they stood out for their creative and well-prepared exhibitions.

Con auténtica alegría, se realizó una misión “puerta a puerta”, en respuesta a la llamada hecha en este Año Jubilar a evangelizar las calles que tienen nombre de santos.
With real joy, a “door-to-door” mission was carried out, in response to the call made in this Jubilee Year to evangelize the streets that have the name of saints.

In response to the call made in this Jubilee Year to evangelize the streets that have the name of saints, a “door-to-door” mission was carried out on the roads of Santa Ana, Santa Rosa de Lima, San Juan and San Ignacio, in the capital municipality of Boyeros. The preachers made known the life of the relevant saint and announced the celebrations of the next Holy Week.

Finally, Priest Elixander Torres Pérez, Rector of the National Shrine of El Rincón, imparted the blessing and encouraged those present to engage with the Lord, who sends them to announce it everywhere with joy.

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