Saint Lazarus is in the gut for St. Kitts

Por: Pbro. Elixander Torres

Pbro. Elixander Torres Pérez, salió en solemne procesión el Santísimo Sacramento del altar

The 17th of each month are special to the devotees of St. Lazarus. With fervor and devotion, hundreds of faithful come to the National Shrine of El Rincon, especially on these dates to ask or thank the intercession of the saint in dissimilar matters.  Saint Lazara

Last Sunday, March 17, the festival that generates the meeting was greater than usual. Once the well-known “Mass of pilgrims” has been completed, presided over by the Rector of the Shrine, Pbro. Elixander Torres Pérez, came out in solemn procession the Blessed Sacrament of the altar. In the presence of nearly three hundred faithful, he was placed in his new chapel, which was blessed for perpetual worship. 

This construction is part of the complex of buildings that include the renovated “Fuente del Agua Santa”; a monument dedicated to the founder of the leprosy in El Rincón, the Pbro. Apolinar López; a Cinerario to deposit the ashes of the deceased; a “Grotto of Lourdes”; and a “Museum of The Exvotes”.

To these actions is added the blessing of a new baptistery, on March 24, as well as the inauguration of the works, which are added to the External Chapel of San Lázaro Pobre and the Santa Marta Store, next Tuesday, April 23, 2019. 

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