Bless new chapel to St. Lazarus in the gardens of the National Shrine

Por: Daniel Estévez

Bendicen nueva capilla a San Lázaro en los jardines del Santuario Nacional

On the morning of this Saturday, March 3rd in the garden of the National Shrine of San Lázaro a new chapel dedicated to the image of Lazarus, “poor, old and with crutches” was blessed.

In the presence of pilgrims, some priests and religious, S.E. Giorgio Lingua, Apostolic Nuncio of His Holiness in Cuba, made the blessing of this beautiful little chapel that in the words of the Pbro. Elixander Torres Pérez, rector of the Sanctuary, “… desires to be a monument to faith, brotherhood, reconciliation…”.

It was also present and in a special way Msgr. Suárez Polcari who was rector of this holy house for twelve years, from 1984 to 1996 and under whose rectory it was called “National Sanctuary”.

This chapel was specially built by all those faithful devotees of St. Lazarus who live outside our beloved Fatherland and so that, as the rector said, “… As our brethren come from afar, as pilgrims to this sanctuary, see the blessed image of Saint Lazarus who welcomes them with open arms…”.

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