Celebrate at the Queen Complex, International Women’s Day

Por: Julio Pernús

Las mujeres son mayoría entre los trabajadores del Complejo Reina

Certain international commemorations may occasionally go unnoticed in our ecclesial centers. But this was not the case of the Queen Complex, which on 8 March, International Women’s Day, honored the continuing legacy of the Virgin Mary[, who are majority within the labor cloister: women.

Recalling the sad events of March 8, 1857, when a shirt factory was set on fire in New York and 146 workers died, the date serves to reflect on how much remains to be achieved in women’s law in the world and also within our communities.  As part of the celebration, there was a moment of reflection guided by Fr. Carlos García SJ, who also took the opportunity to thank and entrust god, on behalf of the Society of Jesus[, to the women who collaborate with the different works.   

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