Celebrate its national chapter, the Seglar Franciscan Order

Por: Francisco Sautié Ruano


From April 11th to 14th, the National Elective Chapter of the Seglar Franciscan Order in Cuba was held at the Casa de Convivencias “María Mazarello” of the Salesian Sisters in Peñalver.

With the representatives of the 16 lay Franciscan fraternities existing on the island and the members of its National Council, the work carried out by the order from its previous Chapter in 2015 was analyzed and the challenges they will face in the next three years were set. Special attention will receive the celebration next June, of the 40th Anniversary of the approval of the current Rule, at the hands of St. Paul VI.

The International Council of the Seglar Franciscan Order (CIOFS) and the Conference of Spiritual Assistants (CAS) were present in the people of Sister Angela Rosa Ramos, Delegate of the Minister General and Ofl. Silvano Castelli ofmconv Delegated by the CAS for this event.

Fraternal life, commitment, formation, spirituality and finance were topics analyzed in depth by the 29 Chapter Brothers present.

The Eucharist of closure and thanksgiving was presided over by Archbishop Juan de la Caridad García and concelebrated by Franciscan friars from the different branches of the First Order. The National Council ofS, thanked the company and closeness of Msgr. Juan and gave him an image of SS Francisco in the company of a girl with Down Syndrome, who came to greet him in one of the celebrations of the Pontiff at the House of Santa Marta last February.

The OFS National Council was formed as follows:

Minister Marisela Quintana Suárez
Deputy Minister and Deputy International Councillor Francisco Sautié Ruano
Secretary and International Councillor José Angel Miranda Reyes
Trainer Jean Giralt Socarrás
Ecónomo Mario León González
Western Councillor Indrí Yong Mulen
Central Councillor Yudanys Orobio Pérez
East Councillor Orlando Cabrera Garcés

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