World Catholic Association for Communication Awards Cuban Film all’International Film Event

By: Redacción de Palabra Nueva

The Cuban feature film Inocencia received the SIGNIS (World Catholic Association for Communication) Award at the twentieth edition of the International Film Festival in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, (Fenavid 2020).

Innocence, led by Alejandro Gil and set in 19th-century Cuba, tells the story of a group of unjustly imprisoned medical students, who are victims of an unexpected outcome. Sixteen years later, a man struggling to prove his innocence discovers a new clue that unravels the truth.

According to the jury composed of Marianela Pinto (Ecuador) and Juan Manuel Ijurko and Carlos Cordero (Bolivia), Inocencia “stands out for careful work in each phase of the narrative” and “a solid script accompanied by a thorough staging, where the technical neatness and aesthetic functionality that compact an account that emphasizes the search for justice and truth as a social engine prevails. Cuba’s historical events, in 1871, serve as a trigger to reflect on the difficult relationship between excessive power and rational justice. A debate that, even today, continues to bleed to our peoples in Latin America.”

The Cuban film had previously received the Prize of this association in the XL edition of the International Festival of the New Latin American Cinema of Havana. On that occasion, the jury praised the film that allows the viewer to reflect on opportunism, intolerance, corruption, abuse of power and delation, evils that continue to affect our social environment today.

In the documentary category, the film El viaje by Javier Heraud (Peru) won the SIGNIS Award in the same edition of this festival. The story focuses on the path of Ariarca Otero, granddaughter of the poet Javier Heraud (1942-1963), to reconstruct the story of his great-uncle, gunned down in the Madre de Dios River at the age of twenty-one, an event that deprived Peruvian poetry of one of his most personal and original voices.

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