Enrique José Varona Award for Cuban Intellectual

Jesús Dueñas Becerra

The Writers’ Association of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba, held on the afternoon of this September 14th, the award gala of the UNEAC competition, corresponding to the year 2018. Since its origin in 1965, this award in its fruitful journey has become one of the most prestigious in the country. There is not a generation, a trend, a literary movement, a moment of our lyrics, that has not left its record in the contest.

With the performance of the theater group Mimoclán, who performed texts by the poet Georgina Herrera, the award ceremony was attended by the members of the jury and several of the contestants. In this edition three genres were convened: poetry, essay and biography and 43 originals were presented.

Dr. Ivette Fuentes de la Paz, director of Vivarium magazine and the chair of homonymous studies, at the Padre Félix Varela Cultural Center, received the Enrique José Varona Essay Award, which was presented to her in the Martínez Villena room.

The jury decided to award that prestigious lauro to the essay The Rank of Light in Cuban Poetry. Tangencias, links, emblematic figures, title of the thesis of scientific degree with which he obtained , in 2016 – his second doctorate at the Hispanic University of Salamanca.

Dr. Fuentes de la Paz is also a senior (retired) researcher at the José Antonio Portuondo Valdor Institute of Literature and Linguistics, senior lecturer at the University of the Arts (ISA), and the Instituto Superior de Estudios Eclesiasticos Padre Félix Varela, specialist in the theory and aesthetics of the dance of Cuba magazine at the Ballet (Ballet Nacional de Cuba), and also , deputy researcher at the National Dance Museum and the ISA.

He is an illustrious member of the UNEAC Writers’ Association of the International Dance Council (IDC-UNESCO). He has participated in national and international events, where he has represented cum dignitate to the Republic of Cuba and has been awarded dissimilar distinctions, both at home and abroad.

She is the author of books and essays, published in the national territory and outside the island geographical borders.


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