Calle San Juan de Dios

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A friar of the order of San Francisco named Sebastián de la Cruz, dedicated to caring for and curing the sick, founded a hospital in the old neighborhood of Ciénaga, approximately for the year 1570, as expressed by José María de la Torre. He named it Philip and Santiago. In 1603 he was traded this one for the Hospital de San Juan de Dios and was attended by the brothers of that congregation. At the time of 1648 his church reached the status of parish assistant. From this moment on, the area and the street were called the same as the hospital that remained on the site until 1879.
The street of the same name was very small, one block, so they told it the Callejón de San Juan de Dios, intercepted at its ends by Havana and Compostela, right at the bottom of the hospital. When the convent of Santa Catalina de Siena was demolished in 1924, it joined with the old street known as Bomba, forming only one.
At first, already unified, he was appointed Julio de Cárdenas, who was a Habanero mayor and lived in the area. By an agreement of the Capital City Council the name of San Juan de Dios was restored to it. / by L.N.A. Ω

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