Between notes and stations

Por: Lázaro Numa Aguila.

Exposición del reconocido creador plástico Michel Pérez Pollo

Just seven o’clock on the night of November 26, 2019, the sunsets of Havana’s Santa Metropolitana Catedral were opened, thus opening Viacrucis, exhibition by the renowned plastic creator Michel Pérez Pollo. The exhibition is made up of a total of fifteen paintings, all inspired by the seasons of Jesus’ journey to the cross, only that the author took the liberty of adding the resurrection, a gesture that as the notes of the catalogue rightly point out: it must be understood as a respectful tribute and not a simple interpretation.

Michel Pérez Pollo le regala a la ciudad su muestra Viacrucis en la Santa Metropolitana Catedral de La Habana.
Michel Pérez Pollo gives the city his show Viacrucis in havana’s Santa Metropolitana Catedral.

The cultural evening was presented by the parish priest of the Cathedral in a simple way and was in charge of the Chamber Society, a group that delighted the large audience with a careful and well-performed concert, armed with works by Handel, Bach, Mozart, but where Ravel, Césare Franck and Lecuona were not missing. A clever musical journey of select taste and good performance.

La Sociedad de Cámara y la soprano Johana Simón en una noche de buena música en la Catedral de Catedral.
The Chamber Society and the soprano Johana Simon on a night of good music in the Cathedral Cathedral.

The Santa Metropolitana Catedral de La Habana, without a doubt, gave our city a night of good taste and healthy cultural atmosphere among the seasons of a creative Viacrucis.

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