The stranger who remains

Cuba needs good teachers. But as the author of this article rightly says, “I hope that all bureaucrats who are linked to education on this earth will just realize that solving our problems is not found in hollow slogans and expressions; it’s about creating, that doesn’t exist, a body of missionary teachers and not docile repeaters.” […]


Trick or treat?

With regard to the celebration by some Cubans of the Halloween festival just a few weeks ago, Word New proposes this reflection that, from the social, invites us to think about the need that we have as a people to preserve and rescue our traditions. However, as the author rightly says: “[…] joy, family communion, the right to celebrate whatever we want as long as it does not harm and respect one’s neighbour, are values that a truly humanist project should promote and applaud.” […]


For the innocent

The young men were convicted of the false crime of desecration of the mortuary niche of the Spanish journalist Gonzalo Castañón, captain of volunteers, provocative and brave at all, who had died the previous year in Cayo Hueso, during a confrontation with cuban émigrés. […]


Se TV mal

Those who work in the media have to ensure the quality of what they disseminate. As good, or true, or just as the ideological content they transmite, if the vehicle is silly, poorly written or careless, the message is lost, plus all the expense of generating it. On certain dilates of Cuban television goes this article by journalist Antonio López. […]