The 500s of St. Kitts

José Manuel González-Rubines

Procesión, presidida por el cardenal Juan de la Caridad García, arzobispo de La Habana.

This Friday, November 15th, as has been the case for centuries in Havana, San Cristobal, accompanied by a crowd that followed his image and that of our Lady of Charity, walked the streets of his villa on the eve of the celebration of the 500 years of founding.

The procession, presided over by Cardinal Juan de la Caridad García, Archbishop of Havana, left the S.M.I. Cathedral towards Calle Empedrado and had its first stop in the San Juan Bautista Park, after passing in front of the Bodeguita del Medio, where a sincere silence was the demonstration of respect offered by those present.

“Whoever wants to be great, let him become everyone’s servant. (…) Help us, Lord, to set aside our pride and seek Your Truth” That is what Father Riberto Fernández, parish priest of Regla, called at the stop made before leaving Havana Street to continue through Brazil.

At another of the stops, this time in the vicinity of the Old Square, the priest emphasized that St. Kitts attained holiness because he became a follower of Jesus and suffered martyrdom because of his faith. After highlighting how much sadness comes to souls the misunderstandings for religious reasons, guided by Father Fernandez, those present asked in one voice: “Lord, be our refuge and comfort”.

The image of St. Kitts, whose name means bearer of Christ, continued in procession, after crossing the Old Square, through the streets Muralla y Oficios, to go out to the Plaza de San Francisco de Asses, from where I continue through Amargura and Aguiar, to finish again in the Cathedral.

Once there, Cardinal García recalled that the founders of the city proclaimed their faith in God with the Mass that founded the last settlement of Havana and so did the present, led by his archbishop.

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