Havana celebrates its patron’s day

Por: Daniel Estévez


On November 15th, before the Feast of St. Kitts and the four hundred and ninety-nineth birthdays of Havana, the procession of the image of the patron saint of the City and the Archdiocese took place. Then the vigil mass was held in the Habanera cathedral.

El arzobispo de La Habana, Mons. Juan García, durante la procesión del patrono de la ciudad.
The Archbishop of Havana, Archbishop Juan García, during the procession of the patron saint of the city.

Our Archbishop, Archbishop Juan García, together with the Habanero clergy, led several moments of prayer for families across the country. During the Mass, where seminarians and faithful were also present, Monsignor García called for the intercession of St. Kitts to protect Cuban homes and bring about mercy, forgiveness, family harmony, natural, faithful and fruitful marriage and honesty.

He also appreciated the gestures and efforts of the City Historian to preserve the town of Havana and especially the bell tower of the cathedral: “The Catholic Church, he said, “Church of Christ in Havana, greatly appreciates the efforts made by Dr. Eusebio Leal in order to restore these bells that will brighten the city and fill it with faith , hope and charity.”

As a special note, during the procession a hymn dedicated to St. Kitts was first sung in 500 years. On this fact, the Archbishop said: “Today we will all inscribe our names in the glory of history and heaven. The Municipal Band of Guanabacoa will write, when playing this hymn to San Cristobal, a memorial page that will have healthy pride to their children and grandchildren.”

The composer of the anthem was the young seminarian Cienfueguero, of the 3rd year of Theology, Jesús Enmanuel Gómez Apesteguía.

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