Call the Archbishop of Havana to pray for the priests

Por: Yarelis Rico Hernández

In his Sunday allocution, the cardinal and archbishop of Havana recalled that in the multiplication of the loaves, Jesus did the same as at the last supper: “He gives us the bread of life, which is his body and his blood, spiritual food of eternal life”.

He recognized the faith of so many faithful who participate in Mass on 52 Sundays of the year; of so many Catholics who, from distant kilometers, on foot, by bicycle, in guagua, in bottle, participate in this Sunday meeting. “What faith of those who under lightning, thunder, torrential rains come to the most important meeting of the week,” he said. And he invited him to admire them, congratulate them, and imitate them.

He further recalled that on Tuesday, August 4, the Church celebrates the memory of St. John Mary Vianney, patron saint of the parish priests. This day in the Metropolitan Cathedral Church of Havana, the oiles of the sick and cateconus will be blessed, and the scented heart oil will be consecrated.

The priests, for their part, will renew the promises of the day of priestly ordination and celebrate Mass together.

Cardinal Garcia asked the faithful to send a congratulations to the priests who have marked their lives in one way or another and asked to pray for the mottos of their ordination so that they can fulfill them.

Below we offer full Sunday allocution.

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