Learning to grow by giving away love

Por: Daniel Estévez


Within the framework of the sixth day of support for people with disabilities and their families, the conference on various topics for those suffering from autism spectrum disorder (ASD) took place at the P. Félix Varela Cultural Center.

Lectures on sexuality, legality, symptoms and diagnosis in these patients enabled all who approached Aula Magna, of the once Colegio San José, to have a broader vision and to become aware of these children and adolescents.

Worrying about the future of these children and their acceptance and social insertion were exposed by relatives to specialists. Drs. Mabel Whilby and Leyanis Ramos, both psychiatrists at the Cerro Pediatric Hospital, outlined the current situation for the national health system of these patients and the long-term job prospects.

These activities that take place during several days each year, always coinciding with March 21, the international day of Down Syndrome, and with April 2, the international day of autism awareness, are part of the program “Learning to Grow” of Caritas Habana that this year celebrates its quarter of a century.

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